Ok, so you want to start your own blog. That’s good. But today there are so many options regarding the choice of CMS and options actually make it rather difficult to come to a conclusion. You must have seen that nowadays almost everyone is using WordPress and you might have come across many articles and websites talking about it.

What makes WordPress the ultimate choice for so many people all around the world? Let’s talk about it a bit.

First of all, let me tell you about a few popular choices as per as blogging is concerned. They are Blogger by Google, Tumblr, and WordPress.com Many people create their blogs on these top 3 websites. But I would strongly suggest going for a self-hosted blog as you are the owner of it completely. You can do whatever you wish with it.

Install premium themes and plugins and so much more. Blogger etc being free is a good start for beginners. You should get your own domain and good hosting in order to get a self-hosted WordPress install. When starting a WordPress-powered website you can choose any hosting provider, but a specialized service just like what Blue Host provides will work wonders for your website.

If you are REALLY serious about Blogging, then you MUST choose WordPress. Why? Here are a few solid reasons for the same….

Being Professional

There are a ton of Blogging options these days. But nothing comes close to WordPress. It is by far the most amazing Professional Software you will find for the same. You can create blogs, multi-author blogs, company websites, social networks and so on. And all this for Free. But it doesn’t mean that the quality is substandard. Unlike other platforms, WordPress is the most professional.

Also, your visitors will never take you seriously when they see that you are on a free domain and using free services. You too will feel it when you visit a website link like www.mywebsite.freewebsiteuser.com Vs www.mywebsite.com Got my point?

Awesome Community

Yes, there are other blogging platforms too. But what WordPress brings to the table is outstanding. 100s and 1000s of people use it every single day. If you use it and encounter any problem, you are sure to get help from a wider community of expert developers and coders.

Just search it on Google and you will see that so many helpful articles and videos are available for you to read/view and get yourself all the knowledge of how to get those issues solved. And if in case you are not able to do it then you may hire a professional who can do it for you and above all in your budget.

Great Control

WordPress gives you full control over your Blog. Unlike free service providers like Blogger where you more or less rely on the plugins and themes provided by them. Even the professional ones are below standard and don’t provide you with anything special. Whereas WordPress gives you so much flexibility that you can create just about anything you dream about. With a self-hosted blog, you can do all of the following too –

Install and use beautiful and highly functional Themes from professional designers. You can find thousands on the WordPress website, third-party developers and also create your own.
You are free to change the code, yes the whole of it, to your heart’s desire. You can extend the capabilities to an amazing level.

You can install and use any plugin. Free as well as professional. These will help you to extend the functionality of WordPress. Newsletters, Social Sharing, Social Network, Forums…. and so much more.

Make Money – Free blogging platforms generally do not allow you to monetize your blog. Whereas a self-hosted WordPress blog allows you to do so. This is very much required, isn’t it? You can sell ads, use banner networks, create a full membership website or just about anything you wish to make money from your website.

You can posts articles and images as you please. With free platforms, you have to abide by their ‘rules’ and if you by chance, which you will generally do, go against it they will delete your website without even telling you. There is no way to go back and will also lose all the content that you have created all this time. So why take the risk.

Why do people shy away from self-hosted blogs?

Money – It’s the only reason why people choose Blogger or any other such website. You have to pay as you use it. And the costs can go higher once your website gets a lot of traffic and the space increases. But if you monetize your blog properly then spending 80-90$ per year is not a big deal.

So now you must have understood why WordPress is the BEST blogging platform available today. So get yourself a domain and hosting and start with your self-hosted blog today.


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