Why is Prince of Persia Warrior Within so popular

If you haven’t played this game then you haven’t experienced the fear that is called Dahaka!

Ubisoft is one of the biggest and most popular game studios in the world. They have created some games that are nothing short of epic and a masterpiece. Titles like Assassins Creed, Rainbow Six Siege, Far Cry, Rocksmith and of course Prince of Persia have been extremely popular the world over.

When Sands of Time, the first instalment of the Prince of Persia game came, it was very well received by the gamers. The memories of the nostalgic game are still fresh in the minds of everyone who had played it. Then came the Warrior Within sequel and it became even more successful than the first one. There was nothing so great in the world of games.

Sadly, even after being so popular, the Prince of Persia game series was dropped altogether by the studio. What I have learned by doing some research on this matter is that there was way too much work that needed to be put in the game and also the fact that the Prince of Persia IP is originally owned by its creator Jordan Mechner and since Ubisoft makes sequels of their popular games, generally all, so they need to pay heavy royalty fees to him (Jordan), so according to an ‘insider’ who came out a few years back told that this is the reason there won’t be any new game from the studio. Forget Prince of Persia is what he says.

UPDATE: I am extremely happy to tell you that UbiSoft is actually making ‘remakes’ of these games, starting with The Sands of Time. You can see the trailer of the game below.

Forget Prince of Persia. It will never come back. The reason why AC exists at all is that PoP meant Ubi has to pay for a license since they don’t own the IP. AC is Ubi’s own IP, so merchandising and all that **** is theirs to keep. PoP is financially not worth it.

Moreover, Ubisoft has now (ok long time back) the Assassins Creed series which some people term as the successor of the Prince of Persia game because of the very similarities amongst these games like the way to play the game, locals (somewhat), assassins, the overall feel of the games and so on. So yes its more or less a sequel but with a different approach.

But whatever it may be the fact remains that the Prince of Persia series is still a fan favourite and any person who plays it for the first time or like me again after a time span of 10 years or so, finds it extremely enjoyable, frustrating, and very hard (if you select the hard option when you start the game). Even playing the game in the easy option is hard enough.

If you ask me then I will always say that this is the ONLY game that I truly love. Especially the Warrior Within. It has a good storyline, the fear of Dahaka and escaping from the hands of it and then killing him at the end of the game (if only you collect all powers and swords, etc along the way), the in-game controls, the ability to reverse the time with the help of sands is just nothing less than amazing. I can go on and on and literally sing praises for this particular game.

Prince of Persia Warrior Within will always hold a special place in my heart because it actually helped me ease my anxiety levels. Yes, it happened, not once but several times. How? The game is so hard and fast-paced and also the saving points are so far away from one point to another that you get overwhelmed with excitement.

And due to the nature of the complexity and the hardness and the way the game has been designed, you need to play the same thing over and over again because your Prince gets killed doing so. And doing so you tend to get angry and may even shout, LOL, yes that has occurred with me on several occasions. All this in turn really helps you to get your mind cleared and your stress gets literally butchered!

This might not be true for everyone but yes this has helped me a lot when I played the game in 2005-2006 and even now in 2019. I started playing again just 2 days back. And trust me I find it on the same high level even today. Ok, the graphics aren’t as good or high quality as they have in games today, also the game isn’t widescreen (bought from Uplay by Ubisoft so at least it isn’t widescreen HD there) but the whole experience is the same. Top-notch!

So if you still haven’t played this game then I highly recommend it to you. Go ahead and play today. It’s available for download on the games store of Ubisoft for Windows operating system and also on Steam.

Do you also love this game? Have you played it? Any special memory related to the game? Do tell us in the comments below.

And, don’t believe when they say ‘you cannot change your fate, no man can’

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