I love iPhones. I have always bought them. In fact, I have bought all the iPhones to date, excluding the original iPhone and the Pro Max models. I admit that I like big-screen phones, but my hands do not like them at all. I get this awkward pain in my fingers and then in my arm whenever I hold a huge and heavy phone. Interestingly enough when I use the iPad Mini, this pain never shows its face! But if I use iPad Pro etc, then it returns back!

I bought the iPhone 13 just 5-6 days ago. I like this phone, but I do not love it. It is like 97% the same as the iPhone 12. What it does best is that the screen is brighter now and also, the battery performance is much much better now. The cameras have also been improved. The notch has also been decreased in width. Overall, this is a great phone.

But why did I stepped down from iPhone 13 to iPhone SE 2?

As I said, I like big-screen phones but their weight makes me very uncomfortable. The second most important thing right now is that there is no home button on the iPhone 13. Don’t get me wrong, face ID is beautiful and amazing, but in the times that we are living today (coronavirus) where we have to wear masks for extended periods of time, touch ID is actually very convenient as it is quick to use.

Touch ID makes it so easy to unlock the phone in almost every scenario. Whether you are in the car, or walking down the street, eating food, in the hospital, working in your office, and more. With face ID it is now cumbersome. You end up entering your phone passcode so many times, every single day that you use your phone.

Everyone was hoping that Apple will incorporate the Touch ID in the power button, just like the way they did it with the iPad Air and now the iPad Mini 6. But unfortunately, they did not. And that’s a bummer!

With touch ID it would have become so much easier for everyone. Let’s hope that next year maybe they will do it. But if I will buy another iPhone after the SE 2 is now ‘debatable’ as I don’t like big phones and no touch ID. I can absolutely buy the iPhone Mini, but the way it is being priced is not right. Those are insanely priced. Yes, they offer the same user experience as their bigger brothers, but still, I think that the price is not right.

Time will tell if I will go back to an all-screen phone with gestures etc, but for now, I have decided to step down to the iPhone SE 2 with the home button which has a touch ID embedded in it.

Sometimes the simpler things are better than the more advanced things (and yes do not blindly follow the tech reviewers and FOMO into buying stuff). Make your own decisions that you feel are the best for you and your requirements. Make things and life simpler, as much as you can.

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