Why do Hindus wear a thread called Janeu?

In India, there are a lot of things that people do unknowingly in name of religion, customs, traditions. But all those things have importance from a health viewpoint.

One of them is wearing a black thread on the waist. We all must have heard that wearing black thread around the neck, upper arm, ankle, wrist and waist protect from evil eyes. But it is not so. It has importance in terms of our health. As we all know that people in earlier years wear not so educated as of now, they never understood the science behind such things. So if they were made to do things like wearing jewellery, tying kalava on the wrist, etc in name of religion, customs, traditions they would easily accept doing such things. But people nowadays are much more educated then their forefathers, and in today’s world, people accept to do anything if we tell them that there is a scientific reason behind it. But people today in spite of being educated don’t even try to understand the reason behind any such things.

Now we will talk about the importance of tying black thread on the waist from the health viewpoint.

Black waist thread is known as tagdi in the north and as araijan kayiru in the south.

1.) Black thread on waist helps to keep weight and waist size under control by improving digestion. When we wear a thread on the waist and if that thread becomes loose that means we have lost weight and if it becomes tight that means we must have gained weight.

2.) It helps avoid or reduce potbelly (तोंद), by increasing metabolism in the waist area. So it’s better and cheaper than sauna belts which may have some adverse effect on our health. Due to the increase in metabolism, we get relief from an imbalance in Vata, pitta and kaph.

3.) Most of the diseases occur when the body retains anything in excess. This excess occurs when there is improper elimination of toxins in long run. The problem of improper elimination rises when one is not fit. Centre of fitness in any one’s body is the waist. If the waist area is not tight then we lose our fitness and suffer from improper elimination.

We eliminate in different ways like farting, pooping, urinating, sweating, etc. And when the elimination process is not proper retention of such things occur which later converts into toxins, making the blood impure, and when this impure blood circulates in the whole body passing through different organs it gives rise to disease like heart attack, blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, clots, impotence or infertility, etc.

Black thread on waist helps in proper elimination. It improves intestinal strength thereby improving digestion and makes bowel movement proper and easier. It also improves kidney and bladder functions.

4.) We all know what hernia is. When intestines hang loose hernia occurs. Black thread on waist protects from a hernia.

5.) Black thread on waist improves spinal health by providing support to the area of the lumbar spine. Black thread on waist keeps problems like lower back pain, spinal problems, slip disc, etc under check by retaining the spinal fluid.

6.) It helps in keeping a diet under control. Many of us have a tendency to eat more than our hunger. And at such times people loosen up their belts and eat even more and end up with indigestion, gas and acidity, reflux, etc.

When we wear black thread around the waist and eat more than the required quantity we may feel tightness near the waist. This is an indication that our stomach is full and we must stop eating now. And gradually over a period of time, we improve our eating habits.

When we wear black thread around the waist then in such cases we have no chance to loosen it up just like a belt as they are worn under clothes.

7.) Black thread on waist helps improve fertility. As black is a cold colour and keeps the things contracted, it keeps the region near the waist and reproductive organs cool and contracted.

Nowadays it has become a trend to wear low waist underwear, pants jeans, pj’s, etc which do not provide proper support to the waist which gives rise to problems that do not arise on wearing a waist thread.

Now u must be thinking that what’s the need of wearing a waist thread when we wear pant with belts on ?? When we go to the toilet we remove our pants and tightness of waist becomes loose, when we shower or change clothes we are completely naked and again at such times we lose fitness around the waist.

As per Indian mythology, it is said that one must never remain nude from birth till death. Logically thinking it’s not possible. But if we wear a waist thread and jewellery the effect of nudity on the body gets nullified.

Waist thread must be of black colour, sometimes in certain red is also used. Because black colour keeps the body cool and keeps the things contracted. As we all know that heat must not increase in the area near the waist and reproductive organs and to keep muscles of that area contracted always use black thread. Red is used when the things are extremely contracted and needs to be loosened up. People who suffer from hernia are also using hernia support underwear.

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