What are Skin Warts – How to get rid of Warts

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A Skin Wart is a small lump that grows on your skin and is usually caused by a virus. The virus causing these warts is called the Human Papilloma Virus or simply. HPV. Do you know that this virus can spread from one person to another when the other person uses any object used by the person affected by the HPV. It also spreads when you come in direct contact with them.

Generally, these warts occur in the neck area, but in many people, they can spread across the whole body. The HPV can enter your body through any cracks in your skin, for example, a picked hangnail or areas around your face if you shave. After entering the skin the virus starts spreading and hence the infection occurs.

In most cases, these warts are harmless and shed on their own, but sometimes they can become stubborn and need medical attention.

There are a number of wart types. According to Practo, these are as follows:-

  • Common warts: which most often occur on the hands, and are rough, dome-shaped, and gray-brown.
  • Plantar warts: which grow on the soles of the feet and are hard and thick with dark specks. They can be painful when you walk.
  • Flat warts: which can grow on the face, arms, and legs. They’re small, have flat tops, and maybe light yellow, brown, or pink.
  • Filiform warts: which can grow on the face, usually around the mouth, nose, or chin. They are the same color as the skin, but they have thread-like growths sticking out of them.
  • Periungual warts: which occur under and around the fingernails and toenails.

How to get rid of warts?

You can remove warts from your skin using the Compound W Wart Remover, which consists of 14 medicated pads in total. Or you can use, Dr. Scholl’s FreezeAway Wart Remover. There is another homeopathic medicine, Boiron Thuja Occidentalis Wart Removal Medicine, which is also quite effective.

Any way to get rid of skin warts at home?

Yes, and I use it all the time. But the problem with this technique is that it is not permanent and warts might appear again, on the same very spot too.

Here is what I personally do.

  1. Buy Tea Tree Oil and any Nail Polish Remover.
  2. Mix 2 drops of tea tree oil and 4-5 drops on nail polish remover in a glass dish.
  3. Now take a cotton swab, dip it in this solution and apply to the affected area. Leave it there.
  4. Do these steps for a few days, normally 4-5, and the wart will be removed from that skin area.
  5. You can also do the transparent duct tape technique. In this what you have to do is that use a small piece of duct tape and paste it over the wart on your skin. The tape blocks the supply of oxygen to the virus in the wart and hence kills it.

These are some easy home techniques that I personally use to get rid of these warts.

You can also go for medical removal of warts if your skin condition is worse. It depends from person to person. So it is better to consult a doctor before trying anything on your own. But if you are sure that warts on your skin are common warts then any of the above medicine and also the household techniques that I wrote above will work for you.


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