The story of the doors and walls – My New Apartment Blog 1

Hi. Welcome to the very first blog post of the ‘My New Apartment’ series.

I recently bought one unfinished apartment. The builders had only got the construction work done including walls, floor tiles, plumbing, etc. For the rest of the work which includes doors, windows, kitchen cabinets, and bedroom wardrobes, etc, we decided that we will get those done by ourselves. Well not technically ourselves but by the professionals.


We hired 2 painters and 2 carpenters for the job. All of these men did a very bad job. They painted the walls with the colour we did not ask them to. I told them to paint everything white and they used the worst possible colour that you can ever imagine. The carpenters too did not work very well as it seemed that their main motive was the extend the work for as many days as possible so that they can make more money.

We decided to change the professionals and hire someone else. So we did that. Now as of today, the cabinets, etc are being made and doors have been painted. Since the earlier painters did not do their work properly the doors might not get the same look and finish as we wanted. But it is okay. There is no need of crying now. What is done is done! Let’s move on.

The new painters told me that the final coat of paint on the walls and making the doors glossy (I don’t know how they will do this) will be done once the woodwork is completed as they fear that the walls and painted doors might get dirty or get damaged. So we are waiting for that to be complete.

I will be posting more blogs about the whole process and the decor that we will be doing there so that it can give you some inspiration too for your own apartment. I am also going to make regular videos about the same. How far will I go with this? Time will tell.

Following are a few pictures of the painted doors. The front door of the apartment as well as the door of the first bedroom (that has a door outside) is brown in colour as they have been polished. We chose brown polish because due to the weather in India, white colour doors will become yellow and dirty instantly.

As of writing this post the doors are rough to touch. If you know how to make them smooth then do let me know in the comments below. Thanks.


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