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How to become your Best Friend

We often try our best to be friends with everyone whom we come across. Being friendly with others is a good thing. In fact, I believe that there should be…

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What to do Less & What to do More

I will keep this really short, simple, and to the point. So here it… These are the things you should do less and more. LESS Speak Plan Complain Doubt Loaf…

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21 Quotes to help with Anxiety

Anxiety is something that affects every person differently. But sometimes to calm down, even a single quote can help a lot. This is why I suggest that you read motivational…


How to be a Good Friend

In our lifetime we meet so many people, online as well as offline. But we keep in contact with very few people, and these people are known as friends. Simply,…


7 Habits of Successful Millennials that you should follow

There are all sorts of people. But have you ever wondered what do the most successful people have in common? What are their habits? Let’s discuss the 7 habits of…

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Why is Self-Esteem and Self-Love important?

Some things may be equally essential, but nothing is more important than a healthy sense of self-esteem, and loving yourself. Why is that so? You may ask! In my experience,…

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How To Ease Stress In 5 Simple Ways

Stress is our body and mind’s response to challenges and demands. Demands can be a result of more worries occurring in our daily lives, deadline-driven work commitments, or challenging relationships….

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How to Feel Good about Yourself?

It is actually very important to feel good about yourself. Yes, I know that it is extremely difficult to feel good at all times, but it is also very much…