Almost every day we come to know about some or the Blogger who is earning a handsome amount of money every month from his Blog. And we conclude that writing a blog is very easy and we too can do wonders with our own blog.

But sadly we forget that writing, just like a book, is not an easy task. It is complete dedication towards what you feel and what you want to write about it. Let’s see why people fail at being successful in doing so.

We start a Blog with ‘fanfare’ isn’t it! We get too excited that we have finally done so. And most of the people go for free hosts like Blogspot/Blogger. Which is not right. Always opt for a proper domain and hosting. Self-hosted blogs are always better. You can choose Blue Host or Dream Host, both are equally good service providers.

A high-level domain and hosting give the sense of ‘seriousness’ to your reader too. Whereas a free blog is always a free one. Buy domain ONLY from a reputed company like GoDaddy.

After starting a Blog we write on it, which is quite obvious. But as time passes we generally get bored by it due to a number of reasons. First being MONEY. Generally what people think is that start a blog/website and you will instantly start earning money from it from the very first day itself. Well, it is not correct in all majority.

You may sell items from your blog from the day one and yes it will bring in money to you, but if you are thinking of earning from the first day through ads then you will be highly depressed as this normally doesn’t happen at all. Everything takes time. Let you Blog flourish, write good articles for the reader to read and enjoy and not for the robots (Google etc).

Niche – People generally forget this for sure. Stick to your niche. Do some research before starting any blog/website. Give it a thought first, then decide what you want to start with. This is utmost important for everybody as it will help you in the long run.

People generally say that one should choose one niche only, but I strongly oppose that. It is much better to choose 2-3 more categories which are inter-related to the main niche of your website. It gives you more freedom to express your thoughts and also helps you in writing more about them.

Blogs take time to become popular. Write posts according to your selected niche and write what you think your readers will enjoy. Do respond to the people who comment on your posts. This will give them a feeling of ‘being heard’ which results in repeat visitors.

I have seen many people not taking advantage of Social Networks and Bookmarking to the fullest. Why! Can’t say. Everyone knows that Facebook and Twitter have become an integral part of everyone’s life. A daily routine you may say. So why not reap the benefits from these free services. Why ignore them?

Ok, you have social share buttons on your website but are you putting them at the right places? Do you have a page on FB and Twitter? Are you publicizing these pages? Are you making people like/follow them? If no then you are losing a lot of potential visitors to your blog. Not getting enough visitors is also one of the major reason why your Blog fails.

Email – Email has always been a major player. Yep, that’s correct. Don’t forget this ever, seriously. Build your email list, ask people to subscribe to your blog posts by adding widgets for the same.

A good email list is always beneficial. You can send new posts, videos, promotions, contests, discount coupons and so much more to your subscribers easily and without much work. People not doing this… well… eventually fail as they don’t get repeat visitors. Why? Because it’s the common habit of everyone that we forget things.

People do bookmark a website in the browser if they like it and just about that. They forget even that. Happens with everyone. And if there is an option of subscribing to posts then any person who actually likes your posts will subscribe to it and will get email notifications. As simple as that.

Money – This might be the most important factor in the failure of your blog. You write for Google and not for Readers. What all of us do is that we write short articles with selected keywords so that we can get better ads through Adsense. This is, please excuse me, being stupid at its very best. If you are doing this then stop right now. Write for the people.

Also when a person sees that so less money is coming (earning through ads etc) then he loses the interest in the blog altogether. As I said earlier, it takes time. Give it some more. Advertise, follow, spread the word.

Some people start a blog on a topic which they have seen quite profitable for other people and thinking that they might too be successful in doing so start their own. Never leave your niche. Start with something which you already know and can write about it, help people gain something from your articles.

Creating too much of it – Some people spend as much as 90% of their time creating content. STOP. Really! I don’t say that you do not need to create new content, but what I’m saying is that instead of putting all your efforts and time in making new stuff why don’t you promote old too?

If your great article has been read by, say about 100 people, then there are many more people out there in the world who will read it too. So you need to advertise your blog/website through Google, FB or any other means. Creating always and not promoting will eventually make you go down and down.

Boredom – People get bored of their blogs as they don’t get as many returns as they expected in the first few months of starting it. Normally people lose interest within the first 3 months to be precise. So do not let this happen to you. If you don’t believe in yourself and your work then who will!

These are 10 points which I feel are the major reasons for the failure of a blog. If you think that I’ve missed something do let me know in the comments below. Take care.

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