Parachute and the Smartest Man in the USA

An Aeroplane was flying with 5 passengers on board

Boris Johnson
The Pope
Angela Merkel
And a schoolboy aged ten

The plane is about to crash and there are only 4 parachutes.

Trump said I will take one, I am the smartest man in the USA and the world needs me to solve their problems. He took one and jumped.

Boris, I need to arrange Britain after its exit from the European Union. He took one and jumped.

The Pope needed one because the world needed the Catholic Church. He takes one and jumped.

Merkel embraces the young and tells him. Take the parachute and jump now! Germany is fine and I lived my life. Your life is still in the beginning.

The child’s response: We will jump together. There are two parachutes. Because the smartest man in the United States took my school bag.

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