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What are 10 Super Benefits of Yoga for Men

Yoga is a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which basically included breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures. Yoga is widely practised for health and relaxation not only in India but,…

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How and why to do Meditation? 11 super benefits of meditation

Every one of us has heard about Meditation but very few actually know about what it is in the real sense. We ask, Why to do Meditation? According to Wikipedia: Meditation is a practice where an individual uses…

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How To Fix A Broken Relationship In 4 Steps

Every person, at least once, in their life, has been in a romantic relationship. And these relationships do break apart. A broken relation is just like a glass that has been shattered. It causes a deep impact to…

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How to Look Good on a Date : 5 Quick Steps

When you have to go for a date what you generally do is get up, get dressed, apply some perfume and that’s about it! But have you ever wondered how to look good on a date? Let me…

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How to become your Best Friend

We often try our best to be friends with everyone whom we come across. Being friendly with others is a good thing. In fact, I believe that there should be absolutely no space for hate of any kind….

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Why Do We Hate Animals? – My Trip To The Zoo

A trip to the Zoo has never been a good experience for me. Many years back when I was still a child I went to the then famous ‘Appu Ghar’ in Delhi, India. If I am not wrong…

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The Balcony of my Apartment – Pros and Cons of living in an Apartment

It’s morning, 6:30 am, as the sun rises and slowly shines through the window in my room, I wake up and rub my eyes so as to say goodbye to the sleep which is still there in my…

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How to get rid of Disturbed Sleep and Nightmares

People say that when you start writing your personal blog you should either start with an introduction to yourself and your personal life or talk about good things so as to attract more eyeballs to your blog. But…

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What to do Less & What to do More

I will keep this really short, simple, and to the point. So here it… These are the things you should do less and more. LESS Speak Plan Complain Doubt Loaf Around Hate Disrespect Get Angry MORE Listen Do…

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What is the importance of Anxiety? How to use Anxiety to your advantage?

Do you know that a little bit of Anxiety is actually good for you. But how to use anxiety to your advantage? Anxiety is important because it helps you in staying alert and ready for any challenges that…