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Apple introduced the iPhone with a physical home button that needed to be pressed. Then came the touch-sensitive capacitive button with touch ID inbuilt. And now we have the face ID. Each one of these has some unique qualities. But the question remains… Is Touch ID better than Face ID on an iPhone? Let’s find out.

Before I say anything else, I want to tell you that I have been using an iPhone since the iPhone 3GS came. Also, I have used all the models of the iPhone (small and big, except the huge Max models).

  1. Touch ID is better when you wear a face mask – Due to the coronavirus pandemic we all have to wear a face mask most of the time. And due to this, the face ID becomes useless. Yes, you can unlock the iPhone using your Apple Watch, but not everyone has one. So in this case a phone like iPhone SE is much better due to its touch ID enabled home button.
  2. Face ID is fast and reliable – Touch ID is fast but face ID is even quicker. All you have to do is look towards your phone’s camera and swipe up to unlock or just look towards the screen/camera to log in to any app or website. You don’t need to place your finger on the Touch ID or authenticate using your finger when you have to log in to some app etc.
  3. Touch ID needs to be clean – In order to use it properly, the touch ID needs to be clean. In most cases, it works even if you don’t wipe it, but if your hands are really messy then it requires a wipe before you can unlock your phone. The same thing goes with the face ID too. Your front camera should be clean and also it shouldn’t be blocked by anything and also, it has to be directly in front of your face.
  4. Weather conditions do have an effect on both – Rain, sweat, etc do affect both these unlocking methods. But they are quite different. For example, in rains, the touch ID might not work properly if your phone is wet. You will need to clean it.
  5. Touch ID works in almost all conditions – Whether you are driving a car, or in your bed, all you need to do is place your finger on the home button and it will unlock. but for face ID that is not the case. You need to pick up the phone and open your eyes and bring it in front of your face. Some people have reported that they need to switch on the light as it does not recognize their face, sometimes. Though such a thing never happened to me.
  6. Touch ID is much better when you drive a car – One should never ever use a phone when he drives a car. But at times it becomes necessary, especially when you have to use maps for navigation. In this scenario, a touch ID phone comes in handy and is safe too.
  7. You get the mental satisfaction of clicking a button – Though unimportant, but some people enjoy using the home button instead of all swipe gestures on iPhone X and beyond. Some people have also revealed that they will never use a phone without a home button.
  8. Touch ID is just to unlock iPhone – You can unlock your iPhone with the home button, using the touch ID and logging in to websites, etc. But the face ID on iPhone X, etc, has depth-sensing cameras. This allows in 3D modeling etc. In the future, I am sure, that Apple will have even more cool features using the face ID. Right now it’s used for memoji’s etc.

So, there you have it. These are the 8 things I personally have to say when I compare something like an iPhone SE (touch ID) and an iPhone 12 Pro (face ID). It has been reported that future iPhones will come with both of these, but who knows.

What do you like to use the most? Tell us in the comments below.


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