Why do you require a Domain name? This is a question which still so many people ask every day. The correct domain name is very crucial in today’s high-tech Internet world.

It’s your or your company’s extension on the World Wide Web. It is also the first thing that people will see when they visit your website through your online or offline ad or through Google, Yahoo, etc.

Not to forget that nothing beats a great first impression. When you have a good website that is informative and solves the problems and queries of your visitor they will convert into a valuable customer.

People think about getting a domain name for ages. They spend so much time thinking that at times the name gets taken away, ie, someone else might get hold of it.

Every company should secure its domain name as soon as possible without giving it a second thought. Seriously. Get your domain name for your business or company that sends exactly the right message.

There are so many websites offering a domain name but go for the trusted ones like NameCheap or get yourself a free domain when you book hosting from BlueHost.

Some people don’t book a domain mainly because of two things.

First, they feel it is not required and will give it a thought in the future. Which never comes, or when they make a decision then the desired name is gone.

Second, money. People feel that the small investment that they have to make every year is not ‘worth it’ and why they feel this way depends from person to person.

A Domain name is your asset, an extension of your business. Every person today has access to the Internet through computers and smartphones and they look up on the web to find about various services, companies, and service providers. So why should you stay out of it!

You can get a domain name and if that is all you want then it is absolutely fine. You don’t have to get hosting. Your domain gets secured and in the future when you feel the need for a website then you can get yourself hosting and get the rest of the things done.

Booking a Domain is fairly simple. Have a look at the points below:-

  1. Visit Name Cheap
  2. Click on the Domains link in the menu bar
  3. In the Search Bar enter the domain name you are looking for
  4. You will many choices for the extensions. .com is the most popular
  5. You may have to search a number of times as the desired name might already be booked. Be patient and search again
  6. Once you have zeroed down to the perfect name click on the cart button in front of it
  7. After this click on the View Cart button on the right side
  8. After this, you will find various offers that you might be interested in. You may or may not choose them
  9. If you have any discount coupons then you can enter that here
  10. The next step is to click on the Confirm Order button
  11. Register for an account and fill out the details
  12. Enter payment information (Credit Card etc)
  13. Confirm again and check all the details you have entered
  14. That’s all. Your domain name is now booked

If you want website hosting too then you may consider the best services from BlueHost. They have different plans for different requirements that you may have. You’ll need to change the DNS entries in order to point your domain to your hosting account. For doing so, you will need to log in to the Domain Control Panel and do the needful from there. If you face any problem then customer care is always there for your help.

That is why you need a Domain and how to get one for yourself. It’s pretty easy and straightforward. Takes a little bit of time but pays you well in the long run. Don’t lose your or your company’s identity on the Internet.

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