How To Update & Republish Old WordPress Blog Posts

As time goes by every blogger gets a little bit lazy because of all the hard work he has put into his blog writing post after post of quality content.

It also happens when you are writing regular blogs then after some time, say a year or two, you start feeling that there is nothing more you have in store to write as you have already covered all topics.

When you reach this stage of your blogging life then you start thinking that more can you do? Where to go from this point forward?

Frankly, you can always take a step back, turn around and go back a little bit or to the very first day of your blogging career.

If you feel that there is nothing else to write in your niche as you have already covered everything then don’t panic. What you can do now is look at your blog archives, the things you have already written, and then start working upon that. How? We will discuss it soon.

Since you already have a large number of posts then you should go through the posts list once. Find out all the posts that you feel that the people who haven’t still visited your website will surely enjoy and appreciate. Also find out which posts of yours are the most popular, and also those who have been outdated and need new and updated information.

See we have already found a couple of great posts that we can polish and make even more relevant. We also get the opportunity to bring forward these ‘post gems’ towards a new audience and also at the same time remind any old readers that see we have this content still and we have updated it too to make it more relevant for today.

Which posts to update and/or republish?

To be very frank this is up to you. You can only decide which posts of yours are worthy enough to be revisited by you and improved upon. You might be having hundreds of posts on your blog but I personally would recommend you to first pick those posts which bring the most amount of traffic to your website as they the ones which the general audience of yours have already loved reading.

What changes should I make when republishing an old blog post?

Again this depends entirely upon you, but a few things that you can consider are as follows:

What I am doing right now is that I am typing whatever is coming in my mind. I want to first write it all down and then afterwards I will check the whole thing again and then publish the post.

But, sometimes we tend to forget these things and we publish the post as it is without double-checking spelling mistakes and all. We all make these mistakes, and it is quite normal. So when you republish your old posts you must go through the post thoroughly and check for any grammar or spelling mistakes.

Additionally, if your blog post is based upon facts then now is a good time to check whether those facts are still relevant? Has the things behind it have changed in all this time? Iron out all these things and make your post better.

When you are checking your posts for errors of any kind then it is also a good thing to replace any low-quality images that you might have used. It is quite possible that you have used some copyright images too by mistake or you weren’t even aware of this at the time you wrote the post. Replace these images with something from Unsplash or with your own personal clicks. You can also create graphics for these posts.

It is also possible that your posts lack some important information or some details that have recently come into the light. Update and add these things too.

You should also manually check any links that you might have in your posts so as to make sure that they still work. Nobody likes broken links at all. Also, I suggest that you put links to some related posts on your blog in these posts as I am sure that there will be plenty of it now. This helps in SEO too.

Note: I wouldn’t recommend you changing the titles of the old posts though. But again it’s your personal preference but I would say that leave it as it is.

How to republish old WordPress posts? What is the correct way to update old blog posts?

You will come across various posts regarding this on the internet where they will tell you huge stories about what should be done and what should not be done. Most of it is lame. Sorry, I know I said it but that is the fact.

There is no proper way or any particular set of rules that you need to follow for doing so. All you have to do is just go through all the things I have written above and then decide which parts of your posts you need to change or update.

Every old and new post becomes a little bit outdated after some time. Okay not all, but most of them. But what you can do is that you can always modify and enhance your blog posts with new and valid information, great look pictures and also infographics, etc if required.

There are actually two ways by which you can republish your old posts. One is manual and the other is automatic by using a WordPress plugin.

Manual way, I already explained above in detail.

Revive Old Post, is an automated WordPress plugin that you can install on your blog and it takes care of republishing your old posts. If your main motive is to just republish your old posts and send them to the top of the ‘new posts list’ then this plugin is really very helpful.

But remember that Revive Old Post plugin does not change any text or anything else in the post. Its only job is to republish the old posts as per the selections you make in the settings section, and that’s about it. Still, it is a fairly useful plugin that some blog owners will enjoy using.

Don’t want to spend money?

Republish Old Posts, is a free plugin that is quite functional, and the paid version extends it’s functionality even further. The free version is adequate for most blogs. I am also using it on some of my own websites too.

What this plugin does is that it changes the date on posts to the current date making the post appear new. URLs don’t change and comments continue to display with the post. But if your permalink structure has dates format then DO NOT use this plugin at all as it will change the links too.

So, these are the two ways that you can use to republish your old posts. The best way is the first one, the manual way, where you update the post with new text, images and more. You can spice up the things even further with video embeds or embeds from social media accounts like Instagram, etc.

If you have any more ideas about how to revive old blog posts then do share in the comments section. Your one idea might change the game for many.


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