Every single of us has Expensive Habits and finds it very difficult to break them. We, humans, have this tendency to like stuff that is costly, make expensive purchases and hence we make money mistakes.

We all have two types of habits, good as well as bad. The same thing applies to money matters too. You need to literally cut off those bad habits, not all but at least some, so that it helps you to develop more good habits.

You might find it difficult or stupid or just too much, but in the long run, they will do much good to you and you won’t be sorry at all. Frankly, you will thank yourself for doing so in the first place.

Stop Comparing

The most STUPID and FOOLISH thing me, you, and everyone else do on a regular basis is that we compare ourselves with other people. If he has a particular smartphone then we must have a better one.

This particular thought creates a BIG hole in our pockets. We never realize that the other person might earn more than we do or he might be simply from a richer family. Once we stop comparing ourselves with others then only we will overcome our expensive habits.

Stop Buying – Start Renting

We all have some or the other hobby. Right? And from time to time we ‘change’ it or we simply build new desires or hobbies. I have seen almost everyone buy new gear or equipment when they start with a new hobby. You must stop this practice.

Instead of getting new stuff, why don’t you rent or buy old gear so that you come to know whether you are going to keep your hobby for a long time or is it just like occasional rains.

Stop wasting a huge amount of hard-earned money without knowing whether you will use it for a long time or is it just like that.

Ignoring Credit Card Statement

I also used to do this. Ignoring my Credit Card and Bank Statements. Always go through them thoroughly. At times when we do not take a proper look, we might just end up paying for services or subscriptions we don’t use at all.

This happened to me too. I took up a trial membership of HotStar. But did not continue with it as I thought that all TV channels will come on it, but that was not the case. So I simply just stopped using it at all. But then forgot to cancel it after that which resulted in monthly charges. Had to contact the bank for the same. Though the problem was solved, it might be not the case every time. So be careful and regularly check your statements.

Separate Savings Account

All of us love to shop and we find heavenly happiness in doing so. I would suggest that you should get a new savings bank account and then save a little amount of money on it every now and then.

This way you will accumulate money in it and you know how much you have saved and then eventually use it to make yourself happy. There is no harm in shopping, after all, you work so hard and you have every right to do so. But do it in a proper way without feeling sorry afterward.

Don’t Throw – Start Selling

Some people also have this habit of throwing away unused stuff or stuff which is perfectly fine but is now old. Instead of doing so why don’t you arrange a garage sale or sell them online at eBay, OLX, Craigslist, etc?

It is better to sell and get some money from it. Or if you don’t have the time for it or you do not simply wish to do so, then go ahead and donate it. Two things will be achieved in doing so – Your old stuff is gone and no longer will you have to see it in front of you & secondly you take part in the good cause of doing charity.

Don’t ignore to help someone. What is waste or unwanted for you might may a whole lot of difference to someone.

Save Receipts

Always save receipts of your important transactions. You never know when you will require them. Especially the receipts of doctors, car purchase,s and so on. This will help in filing taxes and more.

Everyone loves to be appreciated. Reward yourself from the savings account (which I told you above) when you actually feel that you overcome your expensive habits. Pamper yourself with small gifts. This will make you happier and also encourage you to work smartly.

No Food Wastage

Another thing we all do is that we waste food. This is really unfortunate. We all know that there is so much shortage of food everywhere and so many men, women, and children die every day because they don’t get food to eat. Still, we waste it, throw it away. Please stop doing so.

If you have cooked extra food for dinner then use it the next day at lunch. If you don’t want to do this then at the least don’t throw it away. Give it to a poor person or your maid or anyone else who really needs it. You not only will save money but will also feed a hungry person.

Whenever you waste food, just have a look at this picture. It will help you understand the real value of it.

sad boy

Hope you too will understand my point here. I have now started following all of the above points very obediently and you should do it too. Save money, help someone needy. This will actually make you happy…. very happy indeed.

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