When a person thinks about starting a blog then the very first thing that comes in his mind is ‘How can I earn from my blog’ and after a few searches here and there he comes to know about ‘Google AdSense’ and then starts his blog with his goal of getting approved by them.

But is it enough? Let me tell you how you can use some other tried and tested banner ad networks for small publishers or even new bloggers who have just started. But remember, your ultimate goal, in the starting stages, should NOT be running ads and making money from your blog.

This post might be the shortest post, yet, on this blog. But that doesn’t mean that the things I tell you here aren’t of any use to you.

Here are my 3 favourite banner ad networks that you can use to earn some extra income from your blogs.


I have been using this ad network for quite some time now. They basically have content style ads that you can place at different places on your blog posts. Some of the areas where these ads work the best are below the post and sidebar.

But, be careful when you create the ad codes for your website. Since they also allow adult websites in their network, so when you are creating the ads in your account do not allow all ads to be active. Have a look at the image below to understand more.

Always keep the sliders at the position as the way it is being shown above or even lower than that. And if your website is related to adult entertainment etc then you can keep these sliders at the maximum level.

AdNow pays quite handsomely. I have been using it on almost all websites of mine, except this one. Why not here? It’s only because the ads in this network are not related at all to the niche of this website and there is no use running them here and waste the time of the people who visit.

Click Here to signup for AdNow.


This is again a very popular ad network and the best thing is that they allow smaller blogs to sign up and make money. ExoClick is actually more popular amongst adult websites. But they also have ads for family-friendly websites too like games, health, food blogs, etc. So you are covered here.

Just like AdNow, when you add your website in your account on ExoClick, you have to be careful that you DO NOT choose the wrong options. Be careful about that. Other than that all works well here.

I have also recently started using this network and I can say that it works well.

Click Here to signup for ExoClick.

Propeller Ads

If you are okay with popup ads and push notification ads then this network will work great for you. And if you already have a good amount of traffic to your blog then they will allow you to place banners ads too.

For popup ads and push notification ads, they generally accept everyone, but for the banner ads, etc they have some strict rules like the Alexa ranking and so on.

Click Here to signup for Propeller Ads.

In the end, all I want to say is that yes Google AdSense is still the #1 ad network but there are several other networks too that you can use on your blogs to make a good amount of money. In this post, I have told you about 3 such networks, but there are several others.

Why haven’t I included media.net in this list? Did this thought come into your mind? Yes or no, still I will tell you about it. I have worked with media.net for several years. Everything worked fine for about 2 years or so. Then all of a sudden the earnings dropped considerably. Even if I got a good amount of traffic on my website, the earnings in my account with them never increased.

I waited and waited for many months but the same thing happened. I enquired about the same and had email conversations with their support but they did not help at all.

Then one day all of a sudden I got an email from there side that they won’t let me stay in their network as my site isn’t making any money. And from now onwards my account will be disabled and no money will be paid to me.

I again emailed them, 2-3 times, but they never replied back. I used the contact us form on their website but they did not even give back any reply that way too. So my judgment for them is that maybe this network is working well for you, but it did not for me and many others. I would suggest that media.net should be avoided.

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