How to Make Money from WordPress Services

WordPress is the most loved CMS today. Most people still call it a Blogging platform. Though it is correct to say so, it has diversified itself so much that it is now a full-fledged Content Management System of its own. You can find hundreds and thousands of themes and plugins for WordPress and the list increases every passing day.

If you have a WordPress-focused blog then how can you earn money from it? Let me tell you more about it.

The first thing that you absolutely need is a website of your own. DO NOT go for free service providers like Blogger etc to host your own blog. It does not look good, it is unprofessional and people will simply take you for granted. And above all, there is no security of your content and database, etc of any kind.

The free service provider may think any time that your blog does not comply with their TOS and might take it down as and when they want. So to make sure that everything goes perfectly fine to go ahead with a proper domain name and hosting from BlueHost.

Like Total Blogger you can too create your own blog/website and write great articles on various topics of your choice. Don’t forget to choose the best niche of your liking. It is a must. Though we are, in this article, discussing WordPress Tutorials and other Services websites so we will further talk about how you can provide such services to your visitors and earn a handsome income from it.

What you can provide to the visitors?

  • WordPress Themes
  • WordPress Plugins
  • WordPress Tutorials
  • WordPress Hosting

Earlier there were only a handful of service providers but today you will find a great number of them. You can provide Premium Services from these providers and will get a share from every sale you make. You can also call it Affiliate Marketing if you like.

What you actually do here is that you promote the services provided by others and use their affiliate links. This is unique to every single affiliate of theirs and in this way they, and you, come to know how much money you make.

Don’t forget to do the following:-

  1. Sign up for a Paypal account if you still don’t have one. Why? Most of the companies pay through Paypal.
  2. Google ‘website name + affiliate program’ and you will find the link of their affiliate program page (if they have it)
  3. Join whichever affiliate programs you like. There is no harm in joining as much you want.

Some of the following are simply great.

Envato is one of the BEST WordPress themes creators. They sell individual themes and plugins as well as a package where you can buy all the themes and plugins they have. This is a steal for the price they offer. You can too sign up as an affiliate and provide them to your readers.

Share A Sale is one of the oldest and major affiliate networks. You will find various merchants here whose services you can provide to your visitors. If you have not joined this then you are missing out a great deal.

Same way if you want to offer other premium services all related to WordPress then you can search on Google.

I have personally used these services for many years now and that is why I am recommending them here. You should also do this so that you can provide proper and authentic reviews and suggestions to others. This helps builds loyal clients in the long run.


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