When you have to go for a date what you generally do is get up, get dressed, apply some perfume and that’s about it! But have you ever wondered how to look good on a date? Let me tell you all about it today.

Men generally take dates like any other regular day. They don’t think much about it. No matter how much we deny but this is the truth. A date can be a make-or-break situation. It can be the start of something great or the end of it all. So to look good on a date is very important.

So let us being and see what all steps every man should take to look good on a date (too many repetitions of this phrase haha!)

Take a Shower for sure

I know this shouldn’t be even mentioned but some people actually don’t do it. I would suggest that you take a shower before going to your date. Showering in the morning is okay but before the date only makes you more fresh and free from any type of body odors. Additionally don’t forget to clean your teeth and nails. Ladies take notice of these things so be prepared.

Don’t think that you want to be the real you in front of her. It never works. If she comes in front of you wearing gym pants and dirty messy hair then what would be your reaction. The same goes for her too. So be fresh before you go to meet her.

Also, take care of your hair too. I know some men like to keep long hair and I personally don’t like it. If you are a Sikh/Sardar then it is a different thing. Then you must wear a clean and tidy new turban. For everyone else good haircut is a must. If you still insist on keeping long hair then before a date at least comb them well.

The right style

Every man has his own unique style. Some look good in jeans and a t-shirt and other looks good in a trouser and a shirt. That depends all upon your likings and your comfort level. Try to take some time and experiment with your looks and your wardrobe.

No matter how good your soul is, the world will always see you from the outside. So your clothes should be great and presentable.

Clean Clothes – Match Them Too

This is again a basic thing. You must always wear clean clothes. And before a date, it is a must. What to wear or not is your personal preference but make sure that they are clean, free from any stains or marks, ironed well, and in good shape.

Never wear too loose or too tight clothes on a date. It looks comically stupid.

If your date is on a winter day then wear a good jacket. Don’t overdo with sweaters underneath. It might make you look bulky. This you have to see before you wear as without actually doing it, you can’t be sure how is it going.

Take care of the colors you wear. Don’t wear anything which is too bright or stupid. Also wear a belt as it looks classy. Shoes should also be clean and socks… wear a fresh pair before a date.

Accessorise Yourself

Men can also use accessories. But unlike women the catalog is short. You can always wear a good wristwatch. It doesn’t have to be extremely costly but too cheap a watch will make your look not that exciting.

I personally love Fossil watches. Don’t ever go for those cheap Chinese watches that you get on Amazon and AliExpress. They look great in the pictures but are really very bad.

Men can also wear other accessories like rings, belts, cufflinks, and ties. Another great accessory is a bracelet. You can choose from leather or steel ones. They look absolutely amazing.

You can also wear gold chains. They look classy and compliments your attire.

Also, a good wallet is a must. Goggles are a personal choice, though not important. What is more important is a clean white handkerchief.

Take a Talk

On the very first dates, people generally have very little to talk about as they are unaware of what all things the other person likes or dislikes. So it is better to think quickly in these situations. Sitting on a date and not talking is a waste of time for both of you. Isn’t it?

What some of my friends do is that they think about a few topics beforehand. Like for example the latest movie or an event that is about to take place in your city and so on. Not bad!

There are many things to say and do, but what is most important is that you should be comfortable doing so. Don’t overdo anything just for the sake of it.

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