WordPress, since the day it was launched in 2003, has been loved by users and developers world over. With a huge collection of beautiful and very functional themes and plugins, WordPress is one CMS that can be termed as THE BEST. Yes is it that good.

If you want to install WordPress on your hosting then it is actually quite easy. Cpanel makes installing website software quite straightforward. Let us see how you can do that in a proper way.

How to install WordPress in Cpanel?


  • A domain name e.g. www.example.com
  • A web hosting account that supports Cpanel, PHP, and MySQL.
  • Cpanel username and password.
Step 1: Log to your Cpanel Account

You can log in to your cPanel account by typing www.example.com/cpanel on your browser assuming ‘example.com’ is the primary domain name associated with your hosting account. Then, enter your username and password that you received from your web hosting provider when you set up an account with them.

Step 2: Locate Softaculous apps installer

On the next screen, you will see the Cpanel dashboard, locate the text box that reads, “Find functions quickly by typing here:” Just enter the name ‘Softaculous’. The script installer will be displayed below together with all apps that it supports. Click ‘WordPress’ and proceed.

Step 3: Choose a protocol and a domain name

On the next screen, you will see a brief description of the WordPress version that you are about to install on your website, click on the button labelled ‘Install’. You will be taken to the ‘Software Setup’ page as shown below:

Choose your desired protocol. The recommended one is ‘http://www.’ or ‘https://www.’ Use https only if you have an SSL certificate for your domain.

NOTE: After the push by Google, web hosting companies now provide a free version of SSL certificates. After you are done installing WordPress then you can use setup SSL using a free plugin called Really Simple SSL.

Then choose your domain below. You can leave the ‘In Directory’ textbox blank unless you want to install WordPress under a subfolder.

Step 4: Fill WordPress site settings detail

Next, you will see your website settings.

Enter the name of your website and a brief description. Then, choose an admin username, password, and email. You will need these details to log in to your WordPress admin panel, so choose a strong password. Select your preferred language and scroll down to proceed.

Step 4: Choose plugins and a theme

The next screen displays an option where you can install some plugins (this is optional), then choose your desired theme. Remember to supply your email address one more on the text box that reads, “>Email installation details to”. Finally, click on the ‘Install’ button.

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The Softaculous apps installer will check the submitted data and make WordPress Installation on your website

You will then be taken to the congratulations screen as shown below and an email with your WordPress installation details will be sent to the address that you entered above:

Congratulations, the software was installed successfully

WordPress has been successfully installed at:
Administrative URL: http://www.example.com/wp-admin/
We hope the installation process was easy.

NOTE: Softaculous is just an automatic software installer and does not provide any support for the individual software packages. Please visit the software vendor’s website for support!

Softaculous Auto Installer

After installing WordPress the very first thing that you should do is log in to the admin panel and check the installation.

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