How To Fix A Broken Relationship In 4 Steps


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Every person, at least once, in their lives has been in a romantic relationship. And these relationships do break apart. A broken relation is just like a glass that has been shattered. It causes a deep impact on your heart as well as your soul. It happens unintentionally and sometimes intentionally too. The relationships which stand on weak grounds generally fall flat and you are not even able to understand that you want to try and gather all the fallen pieces or just let it go.

But if you think that there was nothing like that and both of you were true to each other, but still, the relationship met with a breakup, then you should really try once more to mend it up. If you don’t, then afterward you will always have this guilt feeling that you never tried doing so.

One of the major reasons for breaking up is that either both the persons are over sensitive or hot-headed. Both these things result in a not-so-happy affair. But this doesn’t mean that there can be no patch up. Just a minor change(s) can make it happy again.

Remember The Person

We fall in love. We flow in love. We break apart in love. That happens. No? When we first start to love someone, we absolutely like their way of talking, their habits, their clothes, the choice of movies and so on. But then with time, we tend to forget all this because we start imposing our own likings on the other person. It is like we almost forget the person with whom we fell in love initially.

You really need to stop it. Give yourself some time to think about how the other person wasn’t like this earlier when we met. He/She was a wonderful soul. So what happened now? If the other person was not like this then what made him/her change now? Maybe it’s your behavior or your habit of forcing things or maybe something else.

Looking back into the golden past of your relationship is a must. You can try going for 2-3 dates at the same place where you used to date earlier. This can make both of you happy and relive your memories once more. Have a look at the pictures that you clicked together, just sit with one another and try to bring back the old times one more time.

No Fight. Just Forgive

What do people do in a broken relationship or just when they are about to break up? They fight. The fight goes on and on and on until the time of actual separation comes. The fights obviously include bad words, accusations, and more. This blame and name-calling impact the heart way too much.

What one should do is “If one partner is angry then the other should not join him in his anger. This only makes things worse than ever and it’s time to stop and let it go. Don’t trust your partner if you don’t want to, but go ahead and forgive him. Your partner did not actually have the intention to hurt you with all this. Forgive and then focus on what the problem actually is.

You need to have a broad mind and perspective. Don’t drag the guilts and the mistakes for a longer period. There is no use of it and nothing will be achieved out of this.

Just follow one simple rule, and it’s really hard to do this, take a deep breath and sit there for 10 seconds. Drink a glass of water and offer your partner too. This might actually help a great deal. Trust me. When both of you start realizing that there is no use in fighting then it will lead to a happy life. Seriously.

Hello Hi

Communication. The foremost and the most important thing in any relationship. The correct way to communicate amongst yourselves should be your top priority. But what is it? When you leave aside all foul language, bad thoughts, blames, etc, and focus on the actual issue itself, then it is called correct communication. In such a situation never excite the other person by saying something that might offend him or encourage him to rise from his chair and start fuming.

At the same time have the patience of hearing what your partner has to say. Give her some time to bring forward her views and her part of the story. This will help a lot. Everybody has their own ideas of living and it is not necessary that they too will like what you like and vice versa. So be calm, hear the other person, talk politely and then come to a solution together.

Don’t forget one thing. If you want to speak up your mind then the other person also wants to do it. If you stop him, then she will stop you too. And what will it lead to? FIGHT. So avoid it.

Commitment Once Again

We all love commitments. No? No. We want others to commit themselves to us, but we don’t want to commit our own selves to them. That’s the problem here. Reassure your partner that you still love them as you loved them earlier. Got my point? Broken relationships can be mended if you really try. Love can’t be dead all of a sudden.

There is no other way or person, other than you, who can convey this message to your partner. She won’t believe it. And if she does, then it won’t have the same effect as it will have if you have said this on your own. Even this article will be of no help to you in conveying your message to her/him. You have to do it yourself.

If you had made a mistake and your partner is angry due to it, then there is no harm in going forward and apologizing to him about it. It is not going to make you small. Sometimes in a good relationship even if you are not at fault then also saying a simple word like Sorry makes a whole lot of difference. Real tears with emotions reassure your partner that you still love him. This makes this better again.

Commitment is very important. If you don’t give time to them then why will they be committed to you? Everybody makes mistakes. But if you have to say sorry over and over again then believe me you aren’t even trying to do anything at all. You might be even faking it or not keeping the promises you made to your partner.

We think that love is a feeling. No, it isn’t. Love is a choice that you choose to make it work. You make an effort to have a relationship going. Give your relation one more chance.

A broken relationship doesn’t get fixed in a day. It takes some time. But if you try really hard and genuinely then there is all possibility of happy times yet again. Remember, for a good relationship both the people involved have to mature together in that relationship.

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