Everyone you know and don’t know are doing it these days – I mean blogging. With hundreds and thousands of new blogs being launched on a daily basis, blogging has become one of the most popular means of showcasing your talent and the most effective way to express your views about anything in general.

Blogging is a vast topic. You can say that it is like a huge ocean with millions of blog fishes floating around. You think of a topic, any topic at all, and you will find thousands of blog posts on the internet. Then why do blogging at all? What is the use of writing lengthy blogs when we have so much content already available online? Let me tell you why.

Starting a blog today isn’t hard at all but to write good blogs with relevant information that is actually useful to the end-user is kind of a tricky thing still. People write blog posts but not everyone who writes them is actually interested in that topic at all. It is quite possible that you are also doing the same thing.

Blogs posts on various non-related topics – this is what most people do. Some websites like BrightSide and your very own Rainboz, are based on this concept but their strategy is entirely different. They are not working to cater to the needs of anyone, to be frank. It is a How-to type of website where people come to get help with various things and they may or may not click on ads, and they leave. That’s about it.

What I recommend to everyone is that they should start a blog of their own but first of all, they must select 1 particular niche.

What is a Niche Blog?

Different people, different likings. Isn’t it? So this is the concept on which Niche Blogs are based on. Let me explain to you a little more with an elaborate example.

I personally like iPhones and MacBooks. So basically I am more inclined towards Apple products. I like how the whole ecosystem of Apple works so beautifully. Part of it is because of iOS and the amazing collection of apps and games, all thanks to the devs out there. So what I am trying to tell you here is:

  1. I like Apple products especially iPhone and MacBook
  2. I like iOS
  3. I like apps and games available on the App Store

I have been buying these products (hardware and software) for long now and I feel that I know a lot of things about them all. My friends also consult me before buying any phone or laptop. They also ask me about the software which I use and so on.

So, in a nutshell, I can say that if I start a blog on Apple products – hardware and software – then I am sure that I will be able to write good informative content about it as I am quite enthusiastic about it. I will never get bored to talk about it and can write regular posts about anything related to this topic. I can write iPhone tips & tricks, app reviews, app tutorials and so on. So for me, this Niche is perfect.

So taking the above example further, if I start a blog on this topic then I can cover the following things in it:

  1. Apple product reviews – My personal take on it
  2. iOS apps and games reviews
  3. Tutorials on how to use various iOS apps
  4. Reviews of various Apple and third-party accessories

As the app catalogue is full of great apps for the iPhone, so I have absolutely no shortage of content ideas. I can write something like, ‘How to colour grade in Lumafusion’, ‘How to make animated photos on iPhone’, ‘How to save Instagram videos on iPhone’, and many other things.

I will also write accessories reviews and buying guides too. Which are the best iPhone 11 cases? Which Bluetooth earphones works the best with iPhone X? Top 10 must-have MacBook Pro accessories? Just a few topics that I will cover on this blog.

To sum up this example I can confidently say that I will not go out of ideas as new apps, games, accessories, etc are being produced every week. I just have to believe in myself and have to write meaningful and informative content which will help other people. All my reviews and tutorials will be my first-hand experience and not some paid review stuff, so people will be able to connect with me more genuinely.

One more thing, a niche is NOT a topic but a niche is a collection of inter-related topics. Just like in my example, Apple is the main topic and iOS, iPhones, MacBooks, etc are subtopics.

So many Niche Blogs, why should I start one?

I agree with you on this that whatever you think will have hundreds of blog posts all over the internet. But everybody has his own take on any particular thing. How to decorate your home office – This topic will have different views and styling ideas of every person who writes about it. Two or three things might be the same but not everything. The writing style will be different, photos will be different, ideas will be different and the tone of the post will be different too.

If you continue to worry about that so many blogs are already there then you won’t even start. Keep your worries aside and start making awesome content.

How to think of a Niche?

You will come across various posts on this topic. People will tell you that you should go with your passion and start a blog about it. Part of it is true, but what if you don’t have a passion for something in particular or maybe you like many things, or maybe your passion does not come in a profitable niche at all! So what do you do in this scenario? Let me tell you about it.

If you have a passion for something, just like I told you above about Apple products and iOS software, then you already know that you can start a blog on it. You just have to find ways to monetize your blog. You have to find affiliate programs for the same. The best place to do so is the Amazon affiliate program. You can write posts about anything and then link to products available for sale over there and get a commission per sale.

In case you don’t have a passion for something or like multiple things then this is what you can do. Following is a shortlist of various Niche Blog ideas which you can go through and choose a topic that you find most interesting.

Write down at least 3 topics out of the many given below and think,

  1. Can I write 2-3 blog posts about this niche every single week?
  2. Will I be interested in talking and writing content about this niche even after 3-4 years?

I won’t tell you to ask many questions about this to yourself but the above two are very important. If you can’t think of new topics, are unable to do good research on it and write about it, then what is the use? Money making website is okay as everyone wants to earn money, but you will only earn money if you have good content that people will actually read and believe you. If they believe you are and buy products and services that you refer to them then only you will be paid by the advertisers.

Don’t lose heart and feel bad if you are unable to think of a niche for your blog, instead go through this list and follow the things I told you above. Trust me when I say that I too had a hard time thinking about a niche for my own self but now I know what I like and what I can write about extensively.

Top 10 Niche Blog List

  1. How to make money
  2. Weight loss
  3. Food
  4. Travel
  5. Fashion & Beauty
  6. Parenting
  7. Parties & Weddings
  8. Self-care
  9. Photography
  10. Gardening

Not happy with this list? Here are even more ideas…

  1. Personal Finance
  2. Physical Sports
  3. Financial Independence
  4. Freelancing
  5. Minimalism
  6. Website Design and Development
  7. Mobile App & Games development
  8. Yoga and Aerobics
  9. DIY Projects
  10. City Blogs
  11. Tutorials for YouTube and/or Tiktok content creators
  12. Tutorials on graphic design
  13. How to be successful on Social Media – Instagram
  14. Tips on Airbnb and how to be a successful host
  15. Specific diets like Keto, Vegan and more
  16. Retirement
  17. Home and office decor
  18. Specific medical conditions and how to help the patient
  19. Bikes and cars
  20. Relationship advice
  21. Jobs and Career advice
  22. Marriage and divorce advice
  23. Tutorials on how to make music, short films, etc
  24. Home automation
  25. Public Speaking tips
  26. Religion
  27. Movies and TV show reviews
  28. Video game tutorials and walkthroughs
  29. Lifestyle
  30. How to blog
  31. Nutrition and supplements
  32. Household and herbal remedies
  33. Mental health
  34. Homeschooling
  35. Skincare
  36. Extreme sports
  37. Art and craft
  38. Technology and gadgets
  39. Science
  40. Astronomy
  41. Pet care
  42. Frugal living
  43. Insurance and savings
  44. Guide to using various social networks
  45. Society and politics
  46. Fitness and Bodybuilding
  47. Business – How to start a business and various things to run a profitable business

If you liked this post on niche blog ideas then please make sure you comment below. Do you have another profitable blog niche idea in mind? Do share it, I would love to hear your thoughts too. Thanks!

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