It is actually very important to feel good about yourself. Yes, I know that it is extremely difficult to feel good at all times, but it is also very much possible to at least try doing so. And once you start trying to do it, I am very sure that you will definitely succeed. You have the inner power to make yourself happy for your own good.

Science has proved that feeling good about your own self has a great effect on your overall well-being and health too.

When a person feels bad about himself then it actually results in degradation of his health. I have seen so many people going this way. Which is quite unfortunate, to be frank.

Our body is our real home. We spend our whole life here, in sadness as well as in happiness. Also, we just have this one life in our home. Nobody knows where will we go once we leave this body behind. So, why feel bad about things that are beyond our control? Why not feel good about yourself and the world around you?

It is true that there is no certainty of how things and life will go. But if we keep on thinking about what will happen next or what had already happened in the past then we may never enjoy our present and will never look forward to a brighter future.

Before you do anything I would suggest you start doing the things I have mentioned below as I’m quite sure that once you start doing these things you’ll start feeling good for your own self:-

Stop comparing yourself with others

The moment you stop comparing your life, job, or anything in general with others, you will start seeing a lot of change in your life. When we compare our lives with others we generally start feeling bad about ourselves. Not everyone is rich or looks like a celebrity. One should not compare themselves with others at all. Start accepting what you have and how you are. There is nothing wrong with you.

Try to be happy with what you have

Like I said earlier, try to be happy with what you have and what you earn. Not everyone was born in a rich family or acquire the ancestral property. And also, not everyone wins the lottery. Just focus on your work and do it in a proper way. You can always work harder and smarter to reach your goals. Nobody is stopping you from achieving your goals.

Try to appreciate your capabilities and work on the things that make you happy

A person should always appreciate himself and his capabilities. If you feel bad about yourself then how can you expect others to feel good about you? You are also special. Always keep this in mind. At the same time, do things that make you happy. But never forget that you must not hurt anyone in the process of making yourself happy.

Don’t overestimate anything. Not even your own self. Nobody can do everything

This is actually very important. Some people think that they can do each and everything. This isn’t possible at all. No matter how much any person tries, he can’t do all the things. You might be good at doing small plumbing tasks at home but that doesn’t mean that you can do electrical work too. Though it is possible to do so, I’m just giving an example here.

Never overestimate any person, including yourself. Try to keep realistic expectations.

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Try to do meditation. It’s not hard

I have seen so many people talk about meditation and the wonderful effect it has on our body and inner self. I will not tell you any lies here, but I have actually tried doing so but I couldn’t do it properly. My mind wanders here and there. Though I have not given up. I’ll continue to try again and again until I find even a little bit of success.

Meditation is not hard. You must try doing it on a daily basis. Just 15-30 minutes. That’s all. Try it today.

Everyone has flaws, even you. Learn to live with them and don’t feel that you can’t achieve what you want

There is not even a single person on earth who is perfect. Yes, nobody at all. I also have flaws. I am also trying to live with them. Not every flaw can be changed. So why feel bad about them? Like me, you can also try the same. Always remember that at times it isn’t possible to get whatever you want and sometimes you can change each and everything that you dislike.

Start loving nature. Being close to nature does make you happy

A person who keeps himself close to nature will always be happy. Our ancestors used to be much happier than us. As technology and society advanced, things became so much different. Now all of us have become way too busy in our lives that we have actually gone away from nature.

Restart your love for nature. Build a small garden in your house/apartment balcony. There are so many ways to do so. You can find many tips on YouTube. Nature will do its best to make you happy.


Try doing all the steps I have mentioned above and I’m sure that you will be much happier and at the same time start feeling good about yourself. I wish you all the best. Take care.

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