Learn How to Earn Free Cryptocurrency

I am sure that you know what Bitcoin is, even if you don’t know what is the actual meaning of Cryptocurrency. Isn’t it! The very first crypto was Bitcoin. It was created by a man named, Santoshi Nakamoto. But we aren’t here to discuss that. In this post, I will tell you how you can actually earn free cryptocurrency in a genuine way. There are no tasks to perform like clicking on ads or visiting websites, or anything stupid like that.

We all surf the internet on a daily basis. Wouldn’t it be great that we start getting money for doing this? And it would be even great if we can earn cryptocurrency doing so. No matter which device you have, iPhone, Android phone, PC, MacBook… you can head over to Brave, download it, install it, and start earning free crypto.

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I use Brave daily and have earned a very good amount of money using it. If you run a blog/website then you can encourage your visitors to download Brave browser and tip you too. Not only that Brave gives you BAT crypto token’s for free. You can redeem these tokens for yourself, or send them as a tip to your favorite content creators, like me 🙂

Using the Brave browser is the easiest and the safest way to earn free crypto every day of the week. To learn more visit their official website.

Following steps are required to earn BAT.

  1. Download and install Brave
  2. Create a free account at Uphold
  3. Go to the settings of the browser (Brave Rewards) and then connect your Uphold Wallet with Brave
  4. You can also install Brave on your iPhone/Android Phone, and start making money from there too
  5. Don’t forget to use Brave instead of Chrome/Safari on your phone/laptop in order to earn money/BAT
  6. You will see ads on your browser window and they are so simple and ‘not in your face’ that you won’t even realize that you are seeing an ad
  7. Brave pays you about once every month
  8. That is all. It’s extremely simple and 100% genuine

If you want to invest money in crypto then I would recommend WazirX for Indian customers and Binance for international customers.

If you like it then do consider tipping rainboz.com sometimes… how about every month! Cheers!


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