Everyone is talking about it and many people are doing it on a regular basis. If you want to earn a good amount of money online in just about a couple of days then Event Blogging is the one for you. But mind it that this is limited to a few days only and as low as just one single day.

What is more interesting is that some people are earning as much as 1000$ or more in a single day doing nothing else than even blogging.

I have personally done event blogging in the past and can confirm that it actually works quite well.

It is quite powerful and is actually hard to believe, and it looks fake too because the claims are so huge. But is that so? Let’s learn all about Even Blogging.

What is Event Blogging?

So let us keep money and tall claims aside for a moment and discuss what Event Blogging is in actual. Event Blogging is nothing but a micro-niche domain or a website that is based on one particular even only. Some may say that it can be on different events too, and I agree with that, but I personally think that a single event blog fares better.

For example, there are so many festivals and events that come each year, like Diwali, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Carnival in Italy, IPL, Tomorrowland, and so on. So if you want to start your own event blog then you can pick any of these festivals/events and get to work right now.

What is the correct time for Event Blogging?

The correct time is actually no time at all. Every day is the correct time. How is that so? Well, I agree that Diwali comes once every year but that does not mean that the website had to be kept alive for just the Diwali week only.

You can build a complete website on the Diwali festival and keep on updating it with new content every year. That will increase it’s value considerably. The same can be said for other festivals and events too.

But, when the actual event approaches you should start being more active on that event blog and also produce more content related to that event so that Google and other search engine gives you more weight as compared to other websites. It is a known fact, as of today, that Google gives more preference to websites that are focused on one particular topic and a single event blog is one of those.

What is the concept of Event Blogging?

As an event approaches a huge number of people start searching online, especially Google, for various things related to that event. For example, during Valentine’s week, online traffic increases as people buy gifts online or make searches related to love messages and more.

This is a perfect way to earn a good amount of money in just a few days. So a person can build a blog around Valentine’s Day and include posts like Top 10 Love Messages, or Which Teddy Bear conveys love in a better way, or something like that. You may also write posts like Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her.

The main objective here is to get more people to your blog during a particular event. And you earn through Adsense or anything that you sell off your website, it can either be your own products or something from Amazon, etc.

How to start Event Blogging?

Okay so now you know what is Event Blogging and how you can earn a lot of money and so on. But how to start an event blog? Let’s discuss it a little more.

To make things simpler for you I will write it all in points.

  1. Book a Domain – The name MUST include the name of the event that you have chosen. For example, Valentine’s Day.
  2. Web Hosting – You will web space for your blog. You can choose Blogger.com or Tumblr.com too for this but purchasing your own hosting is much better.
  3. Research – Before you start blogging do proper research about the particular event about which your blog is based upon. You don’t need to write huge essays about it but you have to be sure that any info you provide is 100% accurate.
  4. Keywords – Do proper research about keywords too. Longtail keywords are even better as they tend to produce much better results now.
  5. Products – If possible then make and sell your own products. People love buying unique stuff. If you make Diwali Diya’s or Valentine’s Cards then they will be unique and people will be more interested in them. Additionally, you can also sell Amazon or any other items too.
  6. Blog Posts – If you intend to sell only products on your event blog then you might not be successful in doing so. To solve this issue you need to write blog posts too. But always remember that these posts should be related to the event on which the blog is based.
  7. SEO – Though Search Engine Optimisation doesn’t matter much now, still, you should do a little bit of it to make things look a little bit tidy. Use Yoast plugin to clean up the post titles and other related things.
  8. Promotion – Promoting your event blog posts on social networks is very important as this is time sensitive and you want many people to visit your website as quickly as possible. Sometimes shameless promotion does help a lot.
  9. Backlinks – Again it is very important. Try visiting related blogs and websites and comment on their posts. Don’t forget to include your URL there. And also do not spam as it will be of no help to you at all.
  10. Guest Blog – This sounds a little funny but guest blogging on other websites can actually help your event blog if you plan to use the same domain for years to come.

How to do Keyword Research for Event Blogging?

Keyword Research is one of the most important things that you have to take care of if you want to start any blog and not just an event blog. Keywords tell you about what type of content people are actually searching online.

Let us see how you can find the right keywords for starting your event blog.

The best and free place to get all keywords is undoubtedly Google Keyword Planner. You should take the following steps to find the correct keywords, longtail keywords, and other related things.

1. Want to know the easiest way to find out the best keywords that people are actually using to search for anything online? Do this. Simply go to Google’s website and do a regular search. Let’s search for ‘Happy Mothers Day.’

When you scroll down at the bottom of the page you will see a number of search terms, these are the things that people are searching online. Note down each and every related search term that you see here as these will be used to write content on your blog.

mothers day screenshot google 696x912 1

2. But the work is not complete at step #1. You need to head over to the Google Keyword Planner. To access the keyword planner tool of Google, you need to first login to your Adwords account using your Gmail credentials. It’s free!

3. Now once you are in the keyword planner tool, simply search using the search term(s) that we noted down earlier from Google. In our example, we will take ‘happy mothers day.’

Here you will see all the data related to the keywords, like average monthly searches, the competition and so on.

4. Likewise, do some more searches on the keyword planner tool to pick at least 15-20 keywords and keyword phrases from here. Note them down in a spreadsheet to keep everything organized.

Now after completing all these 4 steps you will find your best 15-20 keyword phrases for which you will write your content and your whole website will revolve around.

How to rank an Event Blog?

Now that you have done the keywords research, booked a domain, got the hosting, written articles too, now what? The next step is to get your blog ranked on Google as it is going to be the main source of the traffic to your blog.

As I told earlier all things will depend on you and how you take care of your website. Post content on a daily basis. Write blogs on every aspect related to the event that you have chosen. Don’t just make it ‘just another WordPress blog’ but rather make it an authority blog related to the selected event.

Some people copy and paste text material from other websites. Do not ever make this mistake. Google will penalize your website for this and will never allow you to rank in the searches. I have seen numerous videos on YouTube where ‘big’ bloggers claim that it does not matter at all, but the truth is that it does matter. Way too much!

An event blog does not have to be a blog with 200-500-1000 posts. A small blog with about 30 posts or so is fine. But these 30 posts should be informative and should have content that covers all the sub-topics of the chosen event.

You can also provide wallpapers and greeting cards etc all related to the event, with the link of your website on these images.

All these things will help you rank in Google search results.

What more can you do?

As I told in my other post about Pinterest, you should not ignore this major social network. Pinterest can send you regular traffic to your website even when the selected event is not trending or nearby.

Facebook and Twitter, do post and share regularly on these platforms too during the week of the event to gain a rapid rush to your blog.

Try visiting other related websites and blogs and use their comments area to posts your comment and dropping a link to a random post of your blog and not just the homepage.

Competitors – Visit your competition websites and see what type of posts they have. You can literally ‘steal’ their ideas and produce your own unique content. No stealing of content, please, as it will do more bad to your website than actually doing anything good. Never indulge in these practices.

How to make graphics for Event Blogs?

In order to make graphics like greeting cards and wallpapers, you can do the following.

1. If you have a computer (Mac or PC), then you can use any image editing software like Adobe Photoshop, Affinity Photo or even online image editing software which acts just like Photoshop (and is totally free).

2. Download royalty-free images from various websites like Unsplash etc and use these images as the base for creating your own graphics and wallpapers for your blog posts.

3. Now that you have the images and the software, you can start creating greeting cards, etc for your website. You can use ideas from other websites and quotations from there too. I am telling you to create your own graphics because being unique is always a good thing.

4. If you are creating these graphics on your smartphone then you can use software like Picsart and Canva. Canva is also available on desktop too.

How to earn money on an event blog?

Event Blog is now complete but how to earn money from the website? Not that hard actually. Once you do all the above things – blog posts, wallpapers & greeting cards, etc, you should now focus on Adsense ads and placements.

As you might already know that Google now offers auto-ads for websites. So it is recommended that you put auto-ads ad code on your blog too. It will automatically choose the best placements for the ads and will place them accordingly.

Other than Google Adsense, you should do some affiliate marketing too. You can sell stuff related to your event. Join affiliate networks like CJ or ShareASale and find advertisers according to your niche event. Once they accept you in their program, you should place the ad codes on your blog posts, or even write proper posts advertising these items.

Amazon is another network from where you can pull items to be sold on your blog. But remember every item that you sell on your event blog should be related to the event or festival only. You can’t expect someone to buy a valentine’s day card on easter, can you!


I have given every possible detail about how to start event blogging right now. Some or the other event or festival takes place every now and then, and you have an opportunity to gain a huge profit, making micro-niche blogs about them.

If you have unique and informative content, the content which people are actually looking for and searching for online, then there is no reason for not being successful. Yes, the time period for making money is limited as these events and festivals are time-sensitive but again we are looking for something to make quick money online. Isn’t it?

So which event blog are you going to start? Do let me know in the comments below and I will be happy to visit them for sure. If you have any suggestions or ideas to include in the list(s) above then also let me know and I will include them too (and give credit too you ^_^ )

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