How to buy Jeans online the correct way


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Jeans – One of the most basic yet major pieces of clothing in everyone’s wardrobe, male and female alike.

Buying jeans offline is a fairly easy task. All you have to do is go to the market, find a shop, go through the available collection they have according to your size, find the style you like. That’s about it.

Generally, people don’t check the cloth material because since they are holding the jeans at that moment so they come to know about its touch and feel. You can also try out the jeans and shirts etc that you are buying at the store. You have to satisfy yourself with the limited choices there.

But what about buying online? 

Buying online has the advantage of choosing from a wide range of companies. You can literally find hundreds and thousands of styles, colors (many), cloth material, and so on. You can buy from within your country or from overseas too.

But what things should be taken into consideration while choosing a pair of jeans online? Let us see.

The Right Fit

When buying jeans the very first thing that you have to understand is what type of fit do you want and which fit will look good on you according to your body type. You will find slim fit, skinny fit, regular fit, and straight fit jeans these days. By looking at these labels itself you’ll come to know that which jeans fit will be the best for you and your body type.

People will say that buy the one that you find appealing to your eyes or buy any jeans as it doesn’t matter. But in fact, it does. For example, if you are a thin guy then you should avoid skinny and loose-fit jeans because it will make you look even thinner and awkward.

The same goes for a man who has a large waist. If you have extra pounds on your waist then you should wear loose and relaxed fit jeans instead of regular, skinny, and slim fit jeans.

The Right Rise

What does the right rise for your body? Do you know? Well, it actually means the measurement from the level of the crotch to the very top of the waistband of your jeans. Simple eh!

But how do you choose the right rise jeans? It is again very simple. Unlike what other people from the fashion world say, it is better to stick to the following:

  • If you are a big guy then choose high-rise jeans.
  • If you are a muscular guy then choose mid-rise or low-rise jeans.
  • If you are a thin guy then choose mid or low-rise jeans.

The Right Size

You should pick up the right jeans according to your size. And how do you find out your size? Well, it’s very easy and quick. The best thing you can do is take the old jeans that you already have and it fits you perfectly, and measure it properly. For the waist, measure the waistband and for the length do the same across the length of the existing pair.

When buying online you will also find a detailed size guide where they explain all about the perfect size according to your body type.

The Right Style

In recent times we have seen so many new styles of jeans coming up. Some are good and some are horrible to the max level. If you really want to look classy and elegant then you must choose a basic style for your jeans. Single-tone basic jeans without any sort of elements are always the best amongst all the styles available.

But if the basic style isn’t ‘your style’ then you can opt for more available styles. You are lucky that you have multiple choices available. Some of these are rugged jeans and acid wash jeans. People do like those torn jeans but I personally hate them. I mean why wear so much torn stuff? Why spend so much money on a pair of torn jeans when you can just make holes in your old ones!!

The Right Description 

When we go through the vast online catalog we generally tend to ignore certain things, other than of course – price, size, color, and style. Don’t forget to, at the very least, read the full description of the jeans you liked and want to buy. Not all products that you buy online can be returned back if you don’t like them in some way or the other. It’s better to check beforehand than to get angry afterward.

Other than this don’t forget to read through the reviews that other people have written for the jeans that you have finalized to buy for yourself. Some people might have liked it and others might not find it worth it.

Go through these reviews and comments to find out if your selection is right or not. On websites like Amazon and Flipkart, you can be sure that the reviews are genuine as they don’t allow fake reviews at all.

These are some of the most important things that you should remember when finding and buying jeans (or a matter of fact any other clothes) online. Just a few basic steps and your shopping experience will be worry-free.

Happy shopping to you.

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