Do you know that brands and companies worldwide are spending huge amounts of money on influencer marketing these days? By huge I really mean HUGE! As of today, Instagram is one of the biggest influencers markets and these brands want to cash in on the success of the influencers.

I am sure that you too must be following many influencers. Be it may be in the field of fashion, or makeup, minimalist living, blogging, technology, food, travel, or anything else. There are influencers in every field.

The good thing about social media is that anyone can become an influencer. But for that, you need to follow a few important things as people generally ‘overdo’ certain things and then start feeling bad for themselves as things don’t go as per their plan.

I am sure you must have asked this question to yourself at least once: how to become a blogger and influencer on Instagram?

If you have already built or thinking of building an audience, a following on Instagram then you should reap the benefits too. Start earning from your hard work. But if you don’t know how to do it then here is my short guide about how you can too make it happen.

Before we start let me tell you one more thing. To be active on social media, I mean all of them – the major ones at least – is very important for every blogger as it helps in reaching a broader audience.

But you need to remember one more thing that Instagram isn’t going to do some magic. It is you who has to be regularly sharing content on it in the form of good quality and interesting photos and videos. It is in fact a work in progress, a high maintenance project.

How to set up an Instagram account?


The very first thing you need to do is to pick up a cool name. I have seen many people creating some random usernames with numbers and stuff. For example, user0name63. Does it look like a good username? Not to me.

So the first step is thinking of a name that looks and sounds good, and also at the same time is easy to remember. If you are already running a blog then it is better that you keep the same name all across the social networks.

By the way, you can follow me on Insta ?

You can also create an account on your name too if you plan to make yourself as the centre of everything that will be shared on this Instagram page. In fact, most of the influencers do exactly that.


I did it wrong. Yes, I admit. And maybe you also did that too. But now is the time to do things right. Pick up a niche for your Instagram account and then stick to it. It doesn’t matter if you have a following of 5000 or 500000, as sticking to a particular niche will help you dominate in that niche.

Also, people, as well as the brands, love a ‘proper’ Insta influencer who has taken the path of a niche. It is very important. For example, if you have an account that is focused on makeup, then your main focus should be makeup only. If you start posting irrelevant photos of say animals or furniture then the niche is lost. Don’t do that, EVER!

An occasional mention of some other things like furniture is okay but the main theme of the photo should still be makeup only. I mean like you can sit on that beautiful sofa and talk about the new mascara, this is still fine. This example is kind of out of the place but I’m sure you can understand what I am trying to tell you here.

Brands love influencers who have chosen a particular niche because they know that this person will be the best to convey their message to a wider audience. This also helps them to target their ads accordingly and to the right kind of audience.

One of my clients is an Instagram star. Her name is Naaz Arora and her niche is Fashion & Beauty. She has been very consistent on Instagram and have been following her dream and has been very successful in doing so.

Naaz has taken care of all these things mentioned on this page to build her reputation on Insta. You must take inspiration from her and succeed in your niche.


Most people do not do that or do it really badly. Incomplete or incorrect info is also a big no-no. When you share a photograph/video then weave a story behind it.

For example, you visited this old church and then shared its photograph. You just wrote the name of the church and tagged the place where it is located. And then added a few random tags. Is that enough? No. You could have utilized this space by adding some text regarding the history of that church; who built it, what is so special about it, what is the story behind it, any other historical facts, and so on. People love to read true stories.

It’s true that a picture can speak a thousand words, but sometimes words and stories add that extra touch of interest.

High-Quality Photos

Do you like blurry and bad pictures? Nobody does. So never ever post these types of pictures. Ok, I agree that big influencers and celebrities can get away with it as they are already established, but not others.

Selena Gomez shared this photo and got 6.6+ million likes. But if the same photo was shared by someone less popular do you think that they would have got the same amount of likes? Highly unlikely.

Always focus on the clarity of the photos. You don’t have to be a professional photographer but at the very least you must know and share what is a good photo and what is not. It matters a lot on the success of your Insta page.

Good lighting, focus, and composition are the 3 important things while taking any photograph.


Without using hashtags it is actually difficult to reach a new and wider audience. So choose them wisely. Instagram allows you to put 30 hashtags at max. You don’t have to use all 30 of them but be aware that photos with 11 or more hashtags generally have better exposure.

How to choose hashtags? This is what I suggest. Write down the 10-15 most popular hashtags that you have seen working very well for you and others in your niche. Then rest of the tags you can choose randomly (but still for your niche).

You can also take the help of certain apps too, like LeeTags which is available both for iOS and Android, and then search hashtags over there.

Don’t overdo but also don’t forget to add them to your posts.

Consistent Posting Schedule

Instagram wants its users to be using their app at all times. And the accounts who post consistently on their feeds are given more love by Instagram’s algorithm.

So to be successful on Insta, you need to post relevant high-quality content. Multiple times a day or every day, that depends on you. I advise you to share at least once per day at one fixed time.


Do you travel? Went shopping? Eating food at Hilton? Tags! Where are the tags? Don’t forget to tag your photos.

There are basically 2 types of tags that are allowed on Insta, place, and people. Whenever you go out and share the photograph with your followers, don’t forget to tag the place and/or any person who is with you in that photo.

How does tagging a place help? By tagging the place your photograph also gets listed in the photo feed of that place. This helps you get noticed by even more people who are not aware of your social handle.


Posting photos and then forgetting about it? Not a good thing. Big and small influencers engage with their followers. I know it is really hard to respond to each and every comment if you get a lot of them, but to reply to at least a few of them will make other people more excited as they can see that their favourite influencer replies to people. This way they take active participation in your posts.

You can also post Instagram Stories. You also get the option to ask questions, polls and so on. Take good use of all the available features and build a stronger audience.

Insta Stories

Do you know that more people watch your Insta Stories than your posts! Yes, you read the right. I personally did a short survey analyzing few Insta accounts of my clients and saw that more people saw their stories as compared to their posts. Please take good use of this great feature.

But why is this so? I believe this is because of the stories being shown on the top of the app. It stays in that place. While you scroll the photo feed below, but what stays at the top stays there. This helps you get more views.

One more recommendation for this section is that you have short videos here. An example will be behind the scenes video of the photoshoot you did. People will get more engaged in this.


Building a successful Instagram account on your own is very much possible. So many people do it. But when you collaborate you can do it quickly.

Ask your friends who are also on Insta to come together and create new content for the audience. Both of you get benefitted from this. Don’t forget to tag each other while doing so.

Search people using the hashtags that you use. Follow them and engage with them by posting comments on their photos. Since they are also in your niche so you might actually turn up collaborating with them and meeting in real life. This is also a great way of making new friends and knowing more people.

Reach out to brands

As I told you earlier, that it doesn’t matters that you fewer followers until and unless the engagement of your followers is great. I have seen that accounts with a small follower count get brand deals because of this very reason – user engagement. More the engagement, more the interest of the brands in your account.

Top 5 Most Profitable Instagram Niches

There are several niches available but to be very frank the following 5 have always been the most successful in the world of Instagram niches. I am not saying that your niche is not good, but what I am saying is that these 5 get the most followers and ultimately get the most profit as brands are more interested in them because it is easier to sell products in these niches.

  1. Fashion
  2. Health & Fitness
  3. Travel
  4. Business
  5. Beauty

So what are you going to do in order to become a blogger and an influencer on Instagram? What are your thoughts about it? Do tell it all in the comments below. I would love to hear from you.

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