Tik Tok is undoubtedly the Number 1 social networking and media site/app today. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others have their own place but nobody has been able to reach such a vast audience worldwide, and that itself is amazing!

As Business Insider says, TikTok acts as a social network, where users share videos covering a wide range of categories, from lip-syncing to comedic skits to viral challenges.

What is Tik Tok?

Tik Tok, earlier known as Musical.ly, is basically a video sharing app/website where anyone can signup for free and start watching, creating and uploading videos for other viewers. You can say it’s a mashup of YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram.

There are so many options available on Tik Tok to make interesting ‘short’ videos of 15-60 seconds (as of now).

You will be amazed to know that this Chinese app is the first and currently the only app on both Google Play and Apple Appstore to gain such a huge popularity in countries out of China, including India and the United States of America. The popularity of Tik Tok is only increasing every passing day.

In India, Tik Tok became such a huge revolution mainly because of the telecom company called Jio. This company offered dirt-cheap 4G services across the nation, and in fact the cheapest in the whole world. So due to this thousands and thousands of people started buying smartphones and hence they started living an online connected life. This helped Tik Tok a great deal. In fact, as of today, India is the largest market of Tik Tok.

In the initial stages, Tik Tok had a huge competitor called Musical.ly. As time went by it was taken over by ByteDance (the owners of Tik Tok) and both the apps/networks were merged.

Ok, so that was some brief history regarding Tik Tok. Now let’s come to our main topic, shall we? Smile, please.

How to become famous on Tik Tok?

Just like YouTube and Blogging you have to pick a Niche of your choice. Something which is interesting to you and you are confident enough that people will actually watch your videos and will like them too.

Niche Selection

It’s better to choose a topic or a niche that is most popular on Tik Tok. The competition will be fierce but the gains will be equally good. You can pick a topic like comedy, makeup & beauty, fashion, health & fitness, art & craft, education, and so on.

Always remember that every popular creator on Tik Tok is associated with a particular topic or a niche.

Create, Edit, Upload

Make great-looking videos and edit them well. If you open up the Tik Tok app on your phone and watch a couple of videos from the popular creators you will see that all those are of good quality – picture and audio. Nobody likes to watch a video that doesn’t look and sounds good.

Pick an idea for a video, then shoot it accordingly. After that, you can use apps like inShot, iMovie, Kinemaster, LumaFusion or any other software to make and edit your masterpiece. Add music and effects to it. You can also find a huge library of songs and VFX effects on Tik Tok itself.

Once you are happy with the editing process and the final outcome then you should upload the video on Tik Tok. As the interface of the app is in the portrait mode so it is better to shoot and create videos in that aspect ratio only.

You can upload videos in the landscape ratio/view too but you can’t expect people to twist and turn their phones to watch your video in the same way. So it’s better to go with the portrait view only.

Post Regularly

To remain valid and in the minds of the people, new and old followers, you need to create regular content. Since there are thousands of content creators in the world, people will eventually forget you if you do not produce new content and share it with them. Until and unless you are some big celebrity like say Will Smith or Ashton Kutcher.

So make it a point to produce new and interesting content and share it on a regular basis.


Another major thing to remember is that you need to be consistent. If you make comedy videos and all of a sudden you start making travel videos and then jump to making makeup videos, you will start losing followers. There is no harm in posting a different type of video in 6 months or so but jumping ships is not advisable at all.


You help someone and you gain help from someone. Don’t forget to connect with other influencers on Tik Tok who fall in the same niche as yours. This will help both of you to gain more exposure and new followers too.

When you make videos with other creators both of you will get unique content which when shared with each other’s followers base will result in even more followers.

Live Stream

People love to watch their content creators on live streams and in person too. They want to know how do they look in real life, how do they make their videos, their views about certain things and so on. One more thing I have personally noticed a number of times is that people simply love it when their favorite content creator takes their name in the live stream! I find it awkward, well yeah that is what many people like.

People who do live streams on Tik Tok tend to gain an easy, quick and active follower base.

Share Media

In the starting stages when you are building your page on Tik Tok it is advisable to share your videos on your other social media accounts too, including Facebook and Instagram.

You can choose to share the full video with a link to your video on Tik Tok, or you can share a small clip of the video and then link it back to your original video, or just copy-paste the Tik Tok link. Our main motive here is to get as many people as possible to our Tik Tok page.

Profile Sharing

On your Facebook and Instagram, pages don’t forget to mention your Tik Tok link. Put the link as the ‘website link’ on your Instagram account as it will help you to get more viewers from that platform too.

Also, be active on Instagram too. Being popular in two of the most active communities will eventually be beneficial to you. Ask people on Tik Tok to go and follow you on Instagram, and ask people on Instagram to follow you on Tik Tok.

Comment and Appreciate

Don’t you just love it when people write good and positive comments in the comment section of your videos! Sure you do. Likewise, other people also like it a lot. So take some time and visit videos of others too and give your comments and appreciate their hard work. This will also help you with getting more likes and followers at the same time.

Spread Happiness

Some people make really bad videos full of negative thoughts and whatnot. Though you can share almost everything you want on Tik Tok, I suggest that you share only that content which is good in overall content and spreads happiness and positivity.

I have seen several videos of ‘fake’ charity being done and then shared on Tik Tok. These videos do gain a lot of likes and shares but also get a lot of negative comments too. Nothing wrong in doing these type of videos since you are helping someone out there, but remember that likes and views are not everything. Encourage people to do good deeds.

Stay Confident

The first and foremost thing when you come in front of the camera is Confidence. If you lack or leave it then…! You know very well. So always be confident in your work and what you are doing.

If somehow you get nervous or your videos aren’t getting many likes, comments, and shares, and you are also not getting many followers, then don’t panic and keep on doing what you are doing. Remember everything takes time and not everyone is born celebrity. Be positive and be confident.

Comment Section

Some people are good and some are not. That is the fact. Unless someone writes an abusive comment, never delete it. A negative comment will provide you with that extra motivation to work even harder and in better ways. When you get a negative comment, go ahead and say thanks to that person and tell him that you will try to make better videos next time.


As I said earlier, collaborating with other creators will help both of you. Also, it is a fact that videos with 2 or more people in it get the most views and likes. So try it out.

Challenges and Trending

These two things take place almost every day on Tik Tok. Don’t forget to take part in these. People love seeing their favorite content creators taking up fun challenges. Making videos on the trending hashtags will help you get more views since you will be ‘in the list’ and when a person scrolls to watch more videos you will be there automatically.

Give Back the Love

People come and visit your videos, they like the videos and follow you. So why can’t you do the same? I am not saying that you start following all of them but at least a few can be done. And if you don’t like their content you can always unfollow them.

Don’t forget to activate the option to let others make duet videos with you. This again helps you get many followers, views, and likes. It is another way of showing your love towards your viewer community.

And, if you are a popular creator and you make a comment on a video of your follower, then you will get so much appreciation doing so that will make your day. So go ahead and try it. Nothing wrong in doing some spam comments too. Ha!

If time allows then you can reply back to the comments on your videos. If you generally get many comments then it will be difficult for you, I can understand, but the moment you post a video and you start getting comments, you should reply back to the first 20-50 comments at least. People will love it for sure.

Be True, Be You

This is also very important. Not always, but generally yes. If you love to make content and want to be appreciated by as many people as you can then the first thing is to be confident and being genuine in your videos. People like to see the real you.

Which type of Content works the most?

I have personally seen that funny videos work the best on Tik Tok at least. Other than that videos related to Health & Fitness, Fashion & Makeup, Pets & Animals, tend to get the most eyeballs.

Nobody likes watching boring and serious content. Like I said above, fake charity videos, they should be a no-no on your list for sure.


I would like to conclude with a few lines…

Always remember that it takes time to get likes, views, and followers. Some people don’t get as much success as others. And that is totally fine. But what you should do is never feel bad and always be confident, in your work, in what you do and above all confidence in your own self. Start working a little bit harder, find new ways and new topics to make more videos that are entertaining and shareworthy.

I wish you lots of success. Do post your profile link below in the comments and I will personally follow you there. Cheers!

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