How did Assassins Creed Odyssey made me FORGET my all time favourite game?

I love playing games. Normally people enjoy playing them on their PC or their smartphones, but I like to do it on my PlayStation. After all, that is why I invested money in it.

I also like to buy physical copies of games instead of digital ones because that feeling of actually holding a game (or just about anything you buy) in your hands is so special, so satisfying.

Just a couple of months back, I think in Oct-Nov 2019, I bought the PS4. I was actually thinking of buying one for quite some time now and always postponed it as I thought that most of the times I’m just using my MacBook and won’t be using the PS4 at all.

You must be thinking why this thought? As gaming is almost non-existent on macOS then why even think about it? Well, actually I don’t like gaming on a computer. Ok, I agree that it is fairly cheap (even free) on it but I never enjoyed playing games on a PC.

One reason for that might be that I never actually had a gaming PC and also because of the fact that I have this liking for the MacBook’s in general for the last couple of years now.

To be frank, I am fond of Windows 10, I simply love it. But I haven’t found even a single laptop that has a great trackpad like the one on the Apple laptops. I simply don’t know why PC manufacturers don’t do it!

Many years back I bought PS2 for myself. It was a modded one. Thanks to Mr Arvind for that as he suggested me to buy that one instead as I will save a lot of money buying that and also I will be able to play pirated games on it. LOL.

This is when I ‘met’ my favourite game of all time, Prince of Persia – Warrior Within. To this day I absolutely love it. I actually had to buy it twice I think because one of the discs got all scratched up in the console itself.

I was so ‘engulfed’ in the game that I broke the buttons of the console 3-4 times. LOL! At that time the DualShock controller was cheap too, or maybe the one I bought was a duplicate copy, I am not sure. So I had to buy it again and again. But why did I broke it so many times playing POPWW?

I actually broke those buttons due to the anxiety, the quick rush of blood in my body due to Dahaka. That beast, that huge black beast with shiny eyes and ghost-like sounds that he makes and the way he appears in the game all of a sudden, gave me shivers. Literally.

Dahaka might be the only boss in any game that I fear! Yes, that is true. Ubisoft seriously you should at least bring him back in your games (because we know you won’t make POP ever again).

The story of POP is also good. Not great but good. Another thing that this game has in its favour is the soundtrack. Simply outstanding. You can listen to it below.

The whole soundtrack, each and every piece is amazing. If you haven’t listened to it ever then please do so once as I’m sure you will love it too.

Prince of Persia – Warrior Within, has all these in-game puzzles that I had never ever seen in any other game. Frankly, I had never ever played any game like this earlier. I did play games prior to this one but none was as good as POPWW.

I remember playing it every day. I had actually played, start to finish, for at least 7 times to date. I also bought it from Ubisoft app on PC but there is one glitch in the game which does not allow you to go past a particular point in the game.

I contacted Ubisoft about the same and asked for help or a refund, but they refused to do either. This happened just about 2-3 months back not very long ago. Anyways, what to do. I would suggest that you don’t buy from their online store UPlay. If you want digital/online games then you must look towards Steam instead.

Another thing which is really STUPID about Uplay is…

The Ubisoft Uplay desktop app isn’t available for Mac users 🙁 Check out all the things you’re missing out:

This is the message that shows up on their website. Good :-/

Where was I? Yes, Dahaka. If you don’t know who is he then here are a few lines from Fandom Wiki about the game…

The Dahaka (also known as the Guardian of Time) is an antagonist in Battles of Prince of Persia and Prince of Persia: Warrior Within. The guardian of the timeline, he appears only when the timeline is disrupted. It is the Dahaka’s duty to make sure that the Prince meets his death to restore the timeline.

I just learnt, when I was finding the above text on Fandom, that Dahaka has been a character in other games too, like Final Fantasy XIII and StarCraft II. Unfortunately, I have not played any of those games. Also because I don’t like that genre of games at all.

After POPWW I have played Sands of Time, The Two Thrones and The Forgotten Sands, but none of those is as amazing and satisfying like Warrior Within.

Yes, there are so many glitches and bugs in the game which Ubisoft never ironed out but still, it is being loved by so many people around the world. The badass character of the Prince and Dahaka being the highlight of the game. Nobody had ever seen such level of creativity in a video game ever.

When I played other games after this, like Tomb Raider for an example, I always used the button combinations to use the sands in the game to reverse time. That was really innovative and fun.

I would love to play POPWW again but it is not compatible with PS4 and Ubisoft won’t do it either. Stubborn or what, only they know.

You will be surprised to know that I bought the PlayStation to play another game of the Assassins Creed series and that was Origins. I think POP is available on Xbox, but I did not want to get that one.

I have always fantasized about ancient Egypt. The pyramids, the pharaohs, the heliographs, the life they used to live, and so much more. Assassins Creed Origins had this perfect look, the same that is in my mind about the rich culture and daily life ancient Egyptians must have lived at that time.

I enjoyed playing the game a lot. Ubisoft did some amazing work on this one.

Then I came to know about Odyessy and bought that too. And man… I loved that game so much. Endless hours playing it. It just doesn’t end! I have been playing it for 5 months now, not on a daily basis – maybe every 2-3 days.

I have completed the game once. So many things were still left in the game to complete, like side quests and all. But I chose to restart the game with the other character. Yes, you get to play 2 characters in the game. You just need to select it at the starting of the game – Alexios or Kasandra.

The game is marvellous. So much detail and so vast. The mechanics of the game are outstanding. It is much above in every way as compared to POP.

Odyssey is so real in every term that you forget that it’s a game when you are playing it. The whole open world in the game, characters, dresses, sword fights, dogs, pigs, vegetation, mountains, ships, everything is so real. Beautiful!

This is the game that made me forget Warrior Within. Though I would love to play it once more, or several more times, but I know it won’t be available on PlayStation and I don’t plan to buy a PC or an Xbox.

You might be a fan of God of War or other such games, but for me, the games like POP and AC will always be the top 2. I hope they continue to make such games set in the ancient world. I am looking forward to more games like these. And I also hope that Ubisoft upgrades Origins too with more stuff. They have focussed on Odyessy more and seems to have left behind Origins.

Whatever the case may be I enjoyed both Origins and Odyessy. I will be playing these games again for sure.

Do you also like Prince of Persia Warrior Within and Assassins Creed Odyssey?

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