How can Pinterest help my Blog?

People love new content and that is the reason hundreds and thousands of new blog posts are being written every single day in every possible language out there in the whole world. If a person has a smartphone then you can be sure that he will be on Facebook, Instagram or any other social network.

When you or anyone else writes a blog post then there is a high probability that you share your post link to various social networks. I have seen that Facebook and Twitter are the number one choice of almost every blogger. But one major source of traffic is being ignored by every one of us, and that is Pinterest.

Facebook is NOT good

Wow! That is one bold claim. You must be thinking that way. And yes I agree. Facebook isn’t reliable at all. I am sure you must have also encountered this yourself too. While scrolling your general Facebook feed you must have come across a meme or a post, but in a very short time period, it gets lost and never to be found again, until you go to the page from where it was posted.

So if you think about it thoroughly then you will realize that it isn’t going to do much help in getting more views to your blog posts. I agree that you will get the views for sure when you post the link on your Facebook Page, but it will only help you in getting those views for a very short time. After that, it will be about zero.

Twitter is NOT good TOO

Yes, that is true again! What! Are you stupid? If you aren’t thinking about this regarding me then you haven’t been reading this post properly. Okay, jokes aside now, please.

Just like Facebook, Twitter is also not much helpful for website and blog owners. When you share an article on either of these networks it stays ‘alive’ for a very short time period. In fact, Twitter is worse than Facebook in this regard. Once you tweet it, it is fresh for like a minute or so and then it gets buried under thousands of new fresh tweets.

So no more Facebook or Twitter?

Absolutely not what I am trying to say here. Every blog owner should share his valuable posts on these social networks. In fact, I will say share every post of your blog/website on these networks. Getting some views is always a good thing. Right! So yes share your posts on both of these networks.

Besides, FB and Twitter, you should also try to share on other networks too, like, Reddit or Linkedin. You will actually get so many targetted users here which will eventually help your blog a lot. People generally ignore these networks because they aren’t that mainstream and also don’t have those ‘special powers’ as that of say Facebook.

How can Pinterest help your blog?

Now the main thing of this blog post is how can Pinterest help your blog, even much more than Facebook and Twitter collectively. I will tell you all.

See, unlike Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest does not bury your posts under bundles of other posts and new content that people share on the social network. It keeps these ‘posts’ alive in a somewhat different way.

Let me tell you in short how Pinterest works if you already don’t know about it.

Pinterest is basically just another social network but its working nature is quite different. People having different interests visit Pinterest using their website or app to find inspiration and ideas related to their hobbies or different interests, which can be anything from food recipes, DIY art & craft, paintings, religious photos, style & makeup, and so on.

Every such idea that is posted on Pinterest is simply called as a Pin. A Pin is basically an image that is being saved to Pinterest. It can be done by the website owner or any viewer of that website who is also a user of Pinterest. You can say that it is like an ordinary Instagram post but here you get the ability to add a link back to your website. And that is what we really need. Isn’t it?

As these pins on Pinterest can link back to websites, so it can be said that Pinterest is actually one of the better ways to drive traffic and get more sales, and should be used more often by website and blog owners.

If you want to read and know more about Pinterest then you can click here to do so.

Tell me more with an example

Okay, so you want an example. No problem. Here it is with a complete explanation about the same.

When you make a search on Pinterest about anything then you will find many pins from different people. I just searched for ‘makeup ideas’ and found an astounding number of pins.

girl pinterest brush e1596612729766

So I clicked on this pin (with a girl with an eye brush or whatever it is called), and opened it. Following is the view that I get to see here.

girl pinterest brush 1

Now if you look closely you will see a short description for this pin (video/gif in this case) along with it you will see few more options like Tried this Pin? Add a photo to show how it went. This is where you can add your own photo if you tried this makeup tutorial. Also, you can add your questions or any feedback using the comments section too.

You also get the ability to follow the person who Pinned this Pin. This way you (if this board was yours) get followers on Pinterest too.

Also notice at the top of the Pin above the title, you will see the link to the website. Now unlike Instagram, you get a permanent link to your website. That is so nice.

Pins on Pinterest stay on the website forever and this whole social network acts as a search engine. Whenever you make a search here you get to see all these random Pins. This is a great way to reach a new audience and get more sales and traffic to your website.

Now back to our example, in this makeup tutorial, there is a high probability that the person who Pinned it must have shown some products too. So in a way, they are encouraging others to buy those products if they want to get the same exact look for themselves. This is again a great way to get more sales through affiliate marketing.

You can include the links to your products or blog posts here. It is not just makeup, but you can just about anything on Pinterest. Since it works as a search engine so it is more capable of bringing viewers to your website than say Facebook in the long run.

You will be surprised to know that there are some people who are exclusively working on Pinterest only and don’t even have a page on Facebook or Twitter.


Ok, so this is what I will suggest you should do.

  1. Write a blog post, at least once a week if not daily.
  2. Post the link of it on all social networks, especially Pinterest.
  3. Post the image on your Instagram handle and encourage people to follow you on Pinterest.
  4. Your Pin on Pinterest should have some details about the blog post for which Pin has been posted, along with the link to the post on your website.

So now you know why Pinterest can and will be a great way of getting so much more traffic to your website. Don’t ignore or take it for granted. Trust me when I say that Pinterest can be a major factor behind the success of your blog. It is actually that good.

Do tell me about your Pinterest page and your blog, and I will visit them for sure and give you some comment love too. Happy ‘Pinning’ to you.


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