Are you a student? Or a parent (or teacher) who thinks that their child should start blogging? Have you ever wondered ‘How can Blogging help students?’, then you are not alone.

When people talk about blogging today all they are ‘how to earn money blogging.’ Yes, I agree that you can earn a handsome amount of money doing so but the benefits of blogging are much more than that. Let’s discuss more regarding this.

Blogging, as a whole, comes in various forms. It addresses a number of topics and also can be divided by its quality. But if we talk about blogging and education then it has an altogether different meaning.

You will be surprised to know that blogging can have a great effect on the minds of the students. It can be an excellent tool to improve their involvement in the topics of their interest and above all, it improves their thinking and writing skills.

Blogging & Creativity

When a student or anyone, in general, writes a blog he gets the opportunity to express his thoughts about the topics of their interest. They also get the chance to show their creative side.

When a student writes a blog he is actually doing all of the following things:

  1. He does research on a topic and hence reads a number of things.
  2. To write a blog he has to solve a number of problems too. How? Well, for example, he is writing about ‘how can cardio exercises help you stay fit,’ then he has to explain about it, how doing cardio has positive effects on the body and so on. Writing a few sentences won’t prove the point so he has to explain things in a proper manner.
  3. A student when writes a blog not only has to think and research a topic but also has to express his thoughts in a creative way so as to make the reader more interested in reading those articles. If the posts aren’t exciting enough then who will read them! So that is why creativity is quite important when writing a blog post or any article in general.
  4. A blog post can and must include great-looking photographs. The photos should be related to the content of the post. For this, the student has to look for them online through free royalty photo-sharing websites. I won’t say paid photos because a student is already tight on budget so he will obviously be more interested in the free offerings. Besides photos, he can also create his own infographics and diagrams, etc so as to better explain his point in his posts.

Brain Performance

To write a blog is no simple task. You have to first think about a topic, then research about it, think what to write and then actually write it down. So all these things help in sharpening the minds of the student as it increases his brain’s performance.

Many specialists say that all this daily phenomenon of thinking and writing does increases the performance of the brain considerably.

In fact, I would suggest that everyone, not only students, should have their own blogs.

Express Yourself To The World

A student can at the most express his thoughts to a limited number of people only. He can do so in the class, his friends and his parents. That’s about it. But when he blogs he can express the same to a wider audience.

Blogging will help a student to think more and write more for his audience as they are also looking to read more and more stuff. The feedback that he will get from his readers will help and encourage him to improve more and produce more high-quality posts.

Confidence Boosting

Blogging does boost confidence. I can say so because it has actually helped me a lot. I was once very shy and wasn’t able to talk to people. Discussions were really a difficult thing for me. If I was in any group, I was unable to speak because of this and felt a sense of guilt or shame at most times.

When I started Blogging all this feeling went away. I won’t say that I am now confident enough to go on stage and talk about things, not yet, but other than that I am confident enough. Blogging has really given a great boost to my confidence. It has helped me express my thoughts about any topic in general, just like I am doing here.

So, if this can help me then it can surely help other people too, especially students.


Besides increasing confidence and helping in sharpening the minds of a student, Blogging also helps in providing a great source of motivation for them. The motivation to read more and write more.

Money Making

Do you know that you can actually earn a lot of money writing about the things you love! Yes, that is true. Hundreds and thousands of people, including students, earn a regular income from their blog posts.

I will not write much about it here as I want to be more specific to the learning prospect of blogging for students. But still, I will say that if you want to earn from your blog then it is very much possible. You should write posts in such a manner that they don’t look and sound like a paid review or an advertisement for a product. Give your own thoughts about it.

I will give you an example here. I know a person who writes essays on various topics and he does it very well. So his blog is all about essays, you may call it a website or a blog. He earns a substantial amount of income doing so. The main source of his income here is Google Adsense and some affiliate marketing.

This person promotes some affiliate programs/products in his posts/essays which are related to them. Not all essays he writes has the scope for any kind of product promotion, so what he does there is he sells books.

So you see how you can too sell various things by just molding a few things here and there.


So to sum up the things, all I want to say is that teachers should really ‘push’ their students to start their own blogs and be active on it from the very beginning. An early start will be beneficial to them.

If you are a student and still thinking about, ‘how to earn from blogging,’ then please stop that. That is something you should not keep in mind before you start to blog or in the early stages. The money will come but later on.

So when are you starting your own Blog? Or are you already running a blog? Do let me know in the comments below as I would love to visit your blogs and read your posts. Thanks.

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