First things first. Blogging is FUN. Now let’s get down to business.

I feel that everyone should own a Blog of their own and they must do Blogging once or twice every week, at the very least. It’s like a digital diary where you can write your thoughts, share your ideas and photos, and so much more.

Let’s discuss why you should do it.

Blogging is a challenge in itself

If you think that to write Blogs is an easy task then think again. People generally feel that it is just a child’s play but in fact, it is NOT. One has to share his ideas, think about it, validate everything and then write about it in a proper way. It’s a somewhat tedious task.

If a blog post isn’t correct then there is no point in reading it at all. Nobody likes false statements or articles. Also when you start Blogging then you have to become consistent at doing so. Readers will come to your blog to read more when you give them more content. Content is the King.

Also, remember that at the end challenges is what makes you happy. So accept the challenge patiently and with a smile.

You get to learn new things

Learning makes you happy in the same way as handling Challenges. When you Blog, you make yourself happy because you learn new things every time you blog about it. Your research about the things you are writing and hence increasing your knowledge.

Blogging is a learning experience. You learn how to write in a proper manner, you learn how to spread your message through social networks like Facebook and Twitter, you learn how to convey your message to your audience, you learn how to choose proper English (or whatever language you use to write your text) words so as to create a catchy title for the story as well as the body text… and so much more. By writing you find yourself.

Make a Difference in the Lives of Others

When you write you are sure to reach a great number of people. You leave a lasting impression in the minds and hearts of people. When you write you bring happiness not only to your own self but to others who read your blog posts.

Tell people what you feel and help them. In today’s world, there are so many problems out there and if you can motivate or help someone by your positive writings then what’s the harm? When people will start responding you will feel even happier. It’s a sort of giving and take thing.

Expert Writing by Expert You

When you start Blogging, I would suggest that you choose a particular niche/topic/field. This helps you become an expert in that field. With time, as you research and write, you will become more knowledgeable regarding the various aspects of that topic/niche.

People will consult you and ask you for your advice on various matters. Being an expert in a field will also help you to explore more business opportunities which will increase more revenue.

Brand Building

You are your OWN Brand when you start a proper Blog. And here I’m NOT talking about the free blogs which anyone can create at Blogger etc. Get yourself a top-level domain and web hosting. For excellent services choose Blue Host.

If you are Blogging just for fun or casual stuff then even free blog hosts are okay. But if you are seriously going into the business of Blogging and creating a full-fledged business around it then you MUST choose a good domain which is catchy and easy to remember and proper web hosting as I already wrote about it.

When you write on certain ‘favourite’ topics then people will come to you to know more or to learn directly from you about it. But for this, you have to be a frequent writer and not someone who for example writes once every six months or so. Be patient, be practical. Build your own online presence and your Brand Identity.

Ideas Everywhere

When you write a blog post and then use Social Sharing tools to share it on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Google+ and so on you reach a hundred, thousand and even millions of people all around the world. Make yourself popular by using social media.

If you write an interesting post, which obviously you were interested in, then there are 100% chances that there will be many more people who also find it interesting enough and will eventually share it with other people too. It’s like a web, no?

Make New Friends

You would think why do I even say so? Well, when you write a blog post on some interesting topic from your niche, then the people who comment on it are sure to correspond with you on that.

A healthy blog with comments makes new friends. You can also guest blog on other websites too. At the same time, you can also ask others to write on your blog. Give and take. Everyone is in a win-win situation here. Sweet!

One Topic only! I want it all

Sticking to one topic can sometimes become boring I agree. Though it’s better to stick to one and the slowly write new posts on other co-related topics. But if you are not happy with that and want multiple topics then you can surely go that way.

Give in all your knowledge that you have acquired about that in your posts so that it grips the attention of the reader in a positive way.

Blogging is fun. Blogging is really interesting. Blogging is a way to express your thoughts to the whole world. Start your own blog today and make a difference… to your own self.

Happy Blogging To You!

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