Are you a Graphic Designer? Do you have a great number of designs that are just taking up space on your hard drive? Why not sell them and make some cash? Let us discuss it.

People love getting new and unique designs for their websites, t-shirts, greeting cards, logos, ads, and more. And for this, they hunt around the web. In this article, we will be seeing how you can earn money by selling your creations in an easy way. And multiple sources. More money, more happiness. No! ?

First of all, I will recommend that you give away a few of your unique creations for Free. This tempts the user to visit your website/shop and download the designs. This also helps to get you more followers too.

Let’s do it stepwise (like always)…

1) The Free Giveaway Content – Separate 5 to 10 creations of yours which you can give away for Free

2) Think of a Brand Name of your own. A unique and catchy name that is easy to remember always helps. Then book it from a service provider like GoDaddy.

3) To start your own website you will need web hosting. For this, I will suggest BlueHost

4) Next step includes the website design and implementation of an e-shop. A blog along with it is also suggested. Why? You get to write great articles, you can build your followers list, you get more exposure through search engines, and more. A good and simple design is best suited for this purpose.

Easy navigation will help a great deal. Start with WordPress instead of e-commerce platforms like Magento etc. Why? Because of straightforward reasons – Easy to set up, easy to use, amazing support, plugins, themes, and more. WordPress and Woocommerce make a great combo for this purpose. Another plugin option for this purpose is Easy Digital Downloads

5) You will need a good-looking theme (website design) for the website which not only looks good but also has all the functionality which is required for a proper website. It should also be fast loading and SEO optimized too. For this, I strongly recommend Envato. You can choose to buy one theme or get them all for a discount price. Never settle for a free theme or a free web host. You will never get support for anything free and also it’s safe too

6) For building a proper email list you will need a plugin for it. Many tools are available like MailChimp and so on. But if you want a free alternative then you have Jetpack. Jetpack, as you might be aware of, is a collection of tools or plugins that make your life easier. These tools include stats, newsletter subscription, extra widgets, spam protection, gallery & effects, and much more.

7) Don’t forget to add a Blog too. Blog posts are a great way to attract more people to your website. Also, search engines will love you for this

8) Once your website is built using WordPress and Woocommerce or Easy Digital Downloads, you have to start adding items to it for selling. As these are digital items so you need to be careful so that people don’t pirate your stuff or anything like that

9) Next comes Advertising. Use AdWords and Facebook Ads. These are the best in the market. You can also tie with or guest blog posts on other websites and Facebook Pages too

10) You can also sell your items on other websites too. You can use Cafepress, Zazzle, Lulu and more for selling too. You should also have a page on Behance, Dribble, and DeviantArt. This will help you get more exposure

11) What all you can Design and Sell? The list is endless, but few suggestions for digital products are T-Shirt designs, postcards, greeting cards, logos, mobile cover designs, bed sheet designs, banner designs, wall paintings, and more

I hope that this Website Idea is beneficial to you. Do let me know if you think of anything else and I’ll update it here. Wish you all the very best.

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