DO NOT Do This On Your Website, No Matter What

In today’s age and time, we are all on the Internet, the World Wide Web. We come across various new software, apps, games, and websites on a daily basis. Some apps and websites we use regularly like Facebook, Twitter, Times Of Men, NYtimes, and so on. But have you seen one similarity on all these websites? Let’s discuss that one similarity and then some more.

Hundreds and thousands of websites and so many designs. A vast sea you can say. But what all these popular websites have in common. The biggest similarity is the ease of use or navigation. They don’t overdo it. I agree that they have many categories and articles but still, they keep everything so beautifully managed and in a proper manner.

I have seen many websites, even bigger ones, which just do not follow the rule of less is more. Seriously! I don’t know why but even bigger players like IndiaTimes make their websites so heavy! What use they have for this is simply beyond me. I came across a very nicely done website called Deccan Chronicle. I must admit I’m really impressed with it. It loads quickly, has all the elements that are needed, and doesn’t slows or lag down.

But what all things you should not do to your website? Let’s begin with it…

1) Keep your design or theme, if you are using a CMS like WordPress or Joomla, simple. There are many themes available that look absolutely stunning but make your website crawl when it should be flying. Be wiser and choose wisely. Pick a good professional theme from Envato so that you are sure that you are doing something good.

2) People tend to use a lot of Plugins. This is quite natural though because there are so many plugins and the functionality they provide is astounding. Even I used to install a lot of them because I wanted as many features as I can on my websites. I continued doing so for many years, to be frank. Then a friend of mine who is an expert in his field told me that why am I killing my websites! I should immediately stop doing so.

So what I did was log into my admin panel and opened the installed plugins page. What I saw was a list of 52 odd plugins ranging from slideshows, social sharing, image effects, Adsense, scrollers, and so on.

I made up my mind that I will remove as many as I can. So I did exactly that and was amazed to see that more than half of the plugins I just don’t require at all. I removed image effects, Adsense, scrollers and more. I can live without them and they were just taking up space and nothing else.

I also saw that I had a few plugins for tooltips and contact forms, which I actually never used. I deactivated them and finally deleted them too. Why keep when they will never be used and if in future I will require them I will simply install them again. Use as minimum plugins as you can.

3) Always optimize images before you upload them. I have seen so many people uploading 4-5MB image files. Stop it right now if you are also doing the same.

Open Photoshop or any other image processing software and first decrease the image size.  Also, we save it using the Save For Web option of Photoshop and then choosing 90% image quality. There is no harm in doing so.

No visual distortion or decrease in quality is there. And this will also help in saving your webspace too and also it will load faster on slow internet connections too.

If your website is based entirely on images like a wallpapers website or graphics blog etc then it’s a different story altogether. You can still have post images optimized and the main download image can be attached as a zip file.

4) Typography is a must. Avoid using all caps or $tUpiDlY styled text at all costs until extremely necessary. Also, do not write everything is H1 etc styles or in bold. Some people also have a ‘habit’ of writing in different colors. Bad way of doing things. An occasional word or sentence is fine but not whole paragraphs or articles.

5) I am also against the use of auto-playing videos in the sidebar. I find it extremely annoying.

6) For text-based websites, some people use Black backgrounds or flashy colors. This is not a good practice. For entertainment or children’s websites it’s fine but for websites or blogs with the main focus on written content, it is better to stick with a white background color. Black text on the White background is the best combination as the text is easily readable.

7) Making money by displaying ads is a must. I admit. Without revenue, it’s not possible for anyone to run a blog/website. Domain and hosting require money and for this, ads are most important. But DO NOT put Popup Ads. PLEASE.

Making money is important but not by driving your site visitors away. Nobody can tolerate these popups.

These are the top 7 things you should NEVER do on your website. Spend time on creating good content and advertising/promoting your blog to more and more people and get more readers.

Think of anything else that should not be done then let us know in the comments below and we will add them here.

Wish you all the very best.


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