Deepak Bhakoo – About Me


My name is Deepak Bhakoo and I live in India. I welcome you to RAINBOZ.COM

Like everyone else I too feel anxious enough about many things. Some things keep me awake at night, and some even make me so much nervous that my heartbeat increases, and I start to feel very uncomfortable. I am sure you or someone you know might be feeling the same way as I do. At times, all of a sudden, I feel weak and my hands shiver a bit. At first, I thought I am suffering from diabetes, so I got myself tested. Twice. But it was okay.

A lot of thoughts keep on running through my head all day long. Mostly the same 3-4-5 thoughts that have stayed with me for a long time now. One of them is having this feeling of not being loved by the people I love the most. The desire to be loved the same way we love others always brings unhappiness. I am well aware of that, but… some feelings stay unchanged. No matter how much you try.

There are many other things that keep my head busy when it should be busy with work or it should be calm.

Since I have been facing anxiety and depression for some time now, I thought of starting this blog where I share my personal thoughts on this topic. I write posts on how you can overcome such feelings. All information shared in these blog posts is my personal experience. I am not a doctor and I don’t claim that the things I share in these posts will help you too. But, since all the things are harmless I can say that if you try them they might help you. For example, yoga and meditation, natural herbs, etc.

I am not an expert too. But I assure you that if you need a friend to listen to you when you want your voice to be heard, then I am there with you. We can become friends on the following social networks. Follow me and DM me there and I will reply back for sure.

Thanks for stopping by. I wish you a happy day.