We have all seen hundreds and thousands of photos on the internet and in real life too of various couples with unique and not so unique ideas of their pre-wedding and wedding photoshoots. But you might have never ever dreamt of something like this. It seems that they were thinking of starting a new trend, which might actually take off. But people are laughing all over the place.

A tweet became viral which shows this couple enjoying their wedding photoshoot in ‘mud’, yes you read that right – mud! That too against a hilly background and in a field of paddy. Ok, now you can LOL for some time here. People who have seen these photos want to know whose ‘clever’ idea was this!

The pre-wedding photoshoot has been termed as ‘Pre-wedding shoots going vera level’, the photos show the newly wedded couple in a puddle of mud and whatnot. Not only that, they seem to enjoy that and aren’t bothered about it at all. Some people joked about them and arguing that is it a pre-wedding or a post-wedding shoot.

And here is that famous tweet that started it all.

Guys you are allowed to be creative but don’t get carried away with such strange ideas. Thanks. LOL!!!

Here are a few really funny reactions to this photoshoot.


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