iPad Mini 6 – The tablet of your dreams CAME but with many issues

I love iPads and I’m sure you love them too. It doesn’t matter if it is the base model iPad or the top-of-the-line iPad Pro 12.9. If you want to have and use a tablet then there is nothing in the market much better than an iPad (any). But for me, and many other people, iPad Mini has always been the best of them all. Why? Let me tell you.

I do most of my work on my laptop, MacBook Air M1 2020, as of this day, and I absolutely love it. It is powerful enough to carry out all tasks very quickly. You can also do things like video editing on it using software like iMovie and Final Cut Pro. Interestingly enough it almost never gets hot.

I am very happy with my MacBook Air and I say this because before the M1 model there has been not even a single Apple laptop (and windows too) that I enjoyed this much. I won’t tell lies but I have always been a fan of the MacBooks because of how lightweight they are, fantastic build quality and above all, the trackpad. It is still the best and nobody has been able to make something like this even today!

I have used many iPads in the last ‘many’ years. The first iPad that I bought was the really heavy iPad 2. I still remember how difficult it felt when held in hands. I was almost heavy like a laptop, almost. Then I used other iPads too like the iPad Air 1, iPad Mini 2 and 5, iPad Pro 10.5 and 11 and 12.9, besides almost every other iPad too. I did not realize this earlier than this time. LOL.

My favorite iPad has always been the iPad Mini. The iPad Mini 5 has been a fantastic device. It is small and lightweight and does everything that larger iPads can do. My last iPad was the iPad Pro 11 2020, but I have sold it now after hearing the rumors of the upcoming iPad Mini 6. It is going to be awesome for sure if the rumors turn out to be true.

It is being said that the iPad Mini 6 will look and feel like the iPad Air 4, with the modern design of rounded corners and an all-screen front with no home button, just like the iPad Pro or even the iPhone 12. Other than that it is being said that it will have a larger screen in the same chassis. That will be amazing!

The A14 chip is expected in the iPad Mini 6. A mini Apple Pencil is also rumored to come along with it (to be bought separately).

Basically, it will be a smaller version of the iPad Air 4, and that is totally acceptable. The power button will also have the touch ID inbuilt because the face ID won’t be incorporated in the model for sure.

iPad Mini’s have always been great with things like reading books, playing mobile games, casual surfing the web, quickly jotting down notes, etc. It is small and due to this reason, you can carry it wherever you go. I love this thing about it. It feels like a small notebook and this makes it a great device. It has Apple Pencil support and that makes it even more tempting.

In fact, I have decided to use it as my main daily device. I won’t leave my laptop for it though no matter how much Apple says that it can replace your computer, which it cannot. I have wasted my money thinking like this. There are many things which a computer does much better than an iPad.

If you are looking for an iPad and already have a laptop, then I will highly suggest that you get an iPad Mini instead of a larger iPad. If you are an artist who draws and sketches on the iPad then sure, go ahead with the largest iPad Pro 12.9, but if you need a good book reader (other than Kindle) that can also work as a full-fledged tablet then go for the iPad Mini.

BUT… if the rumors turn out to be untrue then we will most likely see a spec bump only, which means the same looking iPad Mini 6 as the iPad Mini 5, but with better internals, like the processor. That is all. We will have to wait for September – October 2021 to see if the rumors are true or false.

iPad Mini 6 render by Michael Ma

UPDATE: So the iPad Mini 6 indeed was released recently. I too bought it on 01 Oct 2021, but now have listed it for selling. I was waiting for this for a long time but the performance of the iPad Mini 6 is not up to the mark. The most annoying thing about it is the jelly scrolling of the screen. Initially, I did not even notice that but now with time, it has become way too much active. I don’t know what happened but it actually became worse.

Not only this, but sometimes the screen has some discoloration issues too. That is somewhat rare but I think as jelly scrolling came late on my Mini 6, so this might too become prominent in the near future. Also, Apple does not allow returns in India.

iPad Mini 6 is a great device and a true tablet to be frank as it doesn’t try to be a laptop replacement and sticks to its original reason of existence (of being a tablet). But version 6… I don’t recommend it anymore. It’s better that you buy another iPad or wait for version 7.


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