I love my iPhone. The first iPhone that I bought was an imported iPhone 3G because it wasn’t launched in India at that time. It was pre-jailbroken so as to allow inserting an Indian sim card. The moment I saw the phone at the mobile shop, I was like, “WOW! this is the phone that I truly love as I have never seen anything like it ever.” I told my brother, “I want this phone. And once I buy it, I’ll never buy another phone ever in my life (LOL).”

But once I bought the iPhone 3G… well that phrase, “I’ll never buy another phone ever again,” became absolutely… untrue. To date, I have bought every iPhone that Apple has made (except the Max models as they are too big and uncomfortable to use).

If you ask me, “Which is your favorite iPhone model?” then my answer will be the original iPhone SE. Yes, I know that it is the ‘reincarnation’ of the iPhone 5 but the SE was and is still a great phone. It was lightweight, had the top of line specs, and really easy to use, and not to forget that it was what a mobile phone should be… small.

Anyway, those are the things which happened earlier and now things have changed altogether. Last year, 2020, Apple launched 4 phones in the 12 series, namely, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. Each phone in this series is equally good. In fact, they are just the improved version of iPhone 11’s (which were improved versions of X and Xs).

What’s great about the 12 series is that from Mini to Pro Max, each phone has the same camera (with added advantages on the Pro Max). These phones are lighter than the 11’s too. But the battery life is a little worse than the 11’s.

My personal favorite from the 12 series is the iPhone 12. I did buy the iPhone 12 Mini as I thought that I will love it. I always liked the small iPhone SE, but I don’t know why but I did not like the Mini at all. Maybe because it is a full-screen phone and I find it rather uncomfortable to hold and type on due to this reason. With the iPhone SE 2020, this is not an issue. I simply don’t know why is this so.

Currently, I am using the iPhone SE 2020 due to the reason… coronavirus. Now you may ask… why is this so? Well, we all need to wear a mask at all times and whenever you have to use your phone then you need to punch in the password as face ID does not work while wearing the mask. So the touch ID on the SE 2020 is so convenient to use. Also, while driving (which you should not) if you need to unlock your iPhone to make a call or check the maps, the touch ID is a much quicker solution.

iPhones in general have one big advantage over any other smartphone that has been ever made and that is the range of accessories that are exclusively made for each and every iPhone model. Even today you can find accessories for iPhone 5.

Ok, now let’s see my top 5 best accessories for iPhone.

iPhone ‘Lightning’ Adapter

The biggest problem, still, with all iPhones after iPhone 7 has been the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack. Though it is still present in all MacBooks that Apple makes, but it will never return on any iPhone that is for sure. So if you still use a wired headphone with the 3.5mm jack then you need an adapter/dongle of some kind.

Now if you want to charge your phone at the same time then you also need a wireless charger (supported models). That’s another expense. So in this case a proper good quality iPhone adapter is a must. My pick from the lot is listed below.

iphone adapter

What are the advantages of this adapter? This 2 in 1 iPhone headphone adapter supports charging and audio output at the same time. It allows you to charge while listening to music.

You can buy this iPhone adapter from Amazon. Click Here.

iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods Wireless Charger

As you might already know that all the latest models of iPhone are wireless charger compatible. You can easily and quickly charge them using any standard Qi Charger and not just Apple’s own. Thank God for this!

I was looking for 3 in 1 charger and found out this one.

iphone apple watch airpods charger

The charger looks so trendy and a great side table/office table companion. You can charge all three gadgets in style at the same time. It also has a tiny light that glows up. Lol. A small touch but so sweet!

You can buy this 3 in 1 charger on Amazon. Click Here.

iPhone Bike Mount

Do you love to ride a bike or a bicycle? Yes? Great. This particular iPhone mount for bikes is actually amazing. It can also be used for any other smartphone too, to be frank, but we are talking about iPhones here.

iphone bicycle holder

As you can see in the image above, all you have to do is fix the mount onto the handle of your bike or trolley or anything else and then insert your iPhone into the mount. That’s all it takes to securely mount your iPhone easily and quickly.

You can rotate your phone at any angle as per your requirements.

You can buy this iPhone Bike Mount from Amazon. Click Here.

iPhone Touchscreen Gloves

Winter is the season of chill. Yes literally. When you are outside your house enjoying the snow-clad mountains, or just having a walk wearing cozy warm clothes but need to check out your iPhone then you absolutely need these gloves for sure. These gloves are touchscreen-friendly and can be used with almost all modern smartphones.

iphone gloves

In our life, I think smartphones have become one of the most important things. Something without which we can’t live even a single day. Touch screen technology has certainly brought so much convenience in our lives and these gloves work very well with it, and at the same time keeps your hands warm in the cold harsh winter season.

You can buy iPhone touchscreen gloves on Amazon. Click Here.

iPhone Tripod with Dimmable Ring Light

All modern iPhones have absolutely amazing cameras, front, and back. More and more people are making videos on a daily basis and actually making a living out of it. Hundreds and thousands of people make videos for various social platforms including Tiktok, Instagram, YouTube, and more.

iphone tripod ring light

I would actually encourage you to do so. You can make so many great videos using proper lighting and a stable tripod. I am sure you already know the importance of good lighting and a tripod for videos. Showcase your talent, make tutorial videos, share your life experiences, help someone with motivational content, and so much more.

You can buy this iPhone tripod with a ring light on Amazon. Click Here. 

These are my most favorite practical accessories for any iPhone. I could have included cases etc too, but those are not important enough. You can obviously buy them if you want.

Which iPhone accessory did you like the most? Do let me know in the comments below.


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