10 Awesome Reddit Videos to make you feel good

We all feel sad. This is a fact we all know very well, but don’t accept it! Why? There is no shame in accepting such simple facts. Well, if you are feeling low or sad, then these 10 videos will make you smile. I am sure that these videos will also help you forget your worries… at least for some time.

64,000 green sea turtles from r/awesome

Donatella from r/awesome

Toy Train in Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, India….. from r/awesome

This is what internet is for… Smiles and fun. from r/awesome

Just a holographic projection floor in a Chinese hotel… This floor is the new fashion……… from r/awesome

A dash of wine from r/awesome

Who would of thought a whale would be playing fetch? from r/awesome

When age is not a factor (94 years old) from r/awesome

Watching this helicopter with dual inter meshing rotors power up from r/awesome

A Yogi meditating in Kedarnath in the Himalayas with temperature of -10 °C from r/awesome

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