Words From the Locals: 12 Advises Tourists Want To Hear

The knowledge of the things we generally don't know about the place directly from the people inhabiting the place. Want to know more? Read along.

Have you ever been on a trip to a place where you didn’t know anybody and felt that you missed out on a lot? Well here are the words of advice from locals of different places around the globe, helping you through the visible secrets everyone else has been missing.And even for a seasoned traveler, it is always good to know what places you can go to and what places you should try to avoid.

Well if you read below you’re gonna find all that you’ve been doing wrong with traveling. So here are 15 tips direct from the locals from around the globe. So take out the legal pad in your backpack and take notes.


Originally posted 2017-09-07 11:54:50.


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