Words From the Locals: 12 Advises Tourists Want To Hear

The knowledge of the things we generally don't know about the place directly from the people inhabiting the place. Want to know more? Read along.

Have you ever been on a trip to a place where you didn’t know anybody and felt that you missed out on a lot? Well here are the words of advice from locals of different places around the globe, helping you through the visible secrets everyone else has been missing.And even for a seasoned traveler, it is always good to know what places you can go to and what places you should try to avoid.

Well if you read below you’re gonna find all that you’ve been doing wrong with traveling. So here are 15 tips direct from the locals from around the globe. So take out the legal pad in your backpack and take notes.

  1. 1 Australia and Florida

    People coming in from places like England or Germany to enjoy a beach vacation, need to wear sunscreen. Direct sunlight can cause rough sun rashes and sun burns. It is not important if you survive without sunscreen in your native town it is important to take care of this if you don't plan to look like a lobster for the rest of the trip. It is also harmful to the health if you avoid the cream to seem cool, so please don't try this.

  2. 2 Greece

    Most people have this preconception that Athens is the home of one of the best architectural and natural beauty. But it is time to break your bubble people. It is not Athens blessed with the views, it is Greece. Shocked? Well, my life has been a lie too. Don't worry we are in this together.

  3. 3 Rocky Mountains

    This one is for the adventure junkies out there. Denver itself at quite some height above sea level which requires some level of acclimatization before moving on to strenuous activities such as trekking and hiking. If not taken care of, these can prove really harmful and can lead to hospitalization in a matter of days. So before strolling in the mountains get a good day's rest and night's sleep.

  4. 4 Nashville

    With humid subtropical climate with hot summers and generally mild winters Nashville's ranges from  averages range from 37.7 °F (3.2 °C) in January to 79.4 °F (26.3 °C) in July, with a diurnal temperature variation of 18.2 to 23.0 °F . With such temperatures, when you wear  boots and Stetson hats, it becomes evident that you are a tourist. So if you plan to blend in, avoid the aforementioned

  5. 5 Disney World

    While we generally plan to go to the 'best place on Earth'  during the summer vacations with our families, that is not the best time to visit the place. Shocked? We were too. Apparently, the best time to visit is during October, with the summer holiday over, the park is a bit emptier and the waiting lines for the rides are smaller. And with a special mention of the northern tourists, the temperature isn't as hot as well.

  6. 6 Phoenix

    With the average temperature reaching up to 104.2°F, the danger of getting dehydration attacks and heat strokes. Thus while visiting the summer time, it might not be such a good idea to go on Camelback rides. Each year this claims lives of people who don't take enough precautions.

  7. 7 Philadelphia

    While we are visiting a new place, one of the biggest driving factors is the local cuisine. But the biggest mistake we tend to do is to flock to the tourist attractions. Not pointing fingers but the places are usually overpriced and generally don't give as good a dish. So if you ever find yourself in Philadelphia and crave a cheese steak, find a local food truck.

  8. 8 Hawaii

    Have you ever had a favorite place and felt like you never want to leave the place? Well, it might be true for the natives, but you can't leave out the other places just because you heard a lot about the first one. Similarly, people, Hawaii is a lot more than the Waikiki Beach. Plan your trip well, we wouldn't want you to miss the good parts.

  9. 9 Venice Beach

    Whenever someone asks you to listen to their mix- tape, walk away! These aren't young strivers; these are veteran peddlers profiting from the benighted buying hand-drawn Drake sketches. Once you agree to listen to one of the samples, these people surround you and bother you to pay for unnecessary and pirated CDs.

  10. 10 Melbourne

    Though Australia is in the southern hemisphere, the winter might surprise you with the drop in temperatures. So it is highly advisable for people to plan appropriately for the temperatures to avoid catching a cold or fever. Beware, people, for Winter, is coming. 

  11. 11 Rome

    Whenever we visit a new place, we are so in awe of the surroundings that we more often than not pay more than we intend to. One simple trick to avoid overpaying for ice-cream in Rome is to take it for takeaway instead of eating in the restaurant, the prices that way are regulated.

  12. 12 Yellowstone

    One of the places with largest and most famous megafauna location in the Continental United States, Yellowstone has Grizzly bears, wolves, and free-ranging herds of bison and elk all living in the park. But just because you can't locate claws or sharp teeth on an animal, doesn't mean it can't kill you. So please do not think it is okay to tease or pet any animals.

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