Wisconsin : More Than The Cheese State Of America

The northern most state of the United stated of America, Wisconsin is considered to be a quaint little place people go to relax themselves. To know Wisconsin is to know the cheese it produces. But the city has a lot more to offer other than the affair with the cheese. Rimmed by Lakes Michigan and the lake Superior, Wisconsin offers a large diversity in landscape also making it blessed in the scenic views

Another attraction of the state are the vast expanse of hills lying in the northern and the western boundaries. These hills provide people with not only a beauty to look at but also activities like hiking and trekking can be conducted in the vicinity

Another thing noticed in the surroundings nearby are the lowlands lying in the southern and eastern boundaries which is the hub for dairy farming and is the favorite place for the manufacture of cheese.

Generally when asked a tourist about the things they are going to Wisconsin for the answer include Cheese, Madison and Milwaukee. But the smaller communities such as the Spring Green, which houses the best work of Frank Lloyd Wright’s best work, which often are neglected are the things that provide the better insight of the place that is Wisconsin.

Following is a list of some of the best 5 often ignored places in the state that a true traveler never wants to miss, so pack your bags and come with us to a tour.


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