Wisconsin : More Than The Cheese State Of America

A visit to the cheese state of America is not complete with the following 10 attractions. So read on to discover somethings you just can afford to miss

The northern most state of the United stated of America, Wisconsin is considered to be a quaint little place people go to relax themselves. To know Wisconsin is to know the cheese it produces. But the city has a lot more to offer other than the affair with the cheese. Rimmed by Lakes Michigan and the lake Superior, Wisconsin offers a large diversity in landscape also making it blessed in the scenic views

Another attraction of the state are the vast expanse of hills lying in the northern and the western boundaries. These hills provide people with not only a beauty to look at but also activities like hiking and trekking can be conducted in the vicinity

Another thing noticed in the surroundings nearby are the lowlands lying in the southern and eastern boundaries which is the hub for dairy farming and is the favorite place for the manufacture of cheese.

Generally when asked a tourist about the things they are going to Wisconsin for the answer include Cheese, Madison and Milwaukee. But the smaller communities such as the Spring Green, which houses the best work of Frank Lloyd Wright’s best work, which often are neglected are the things that provide the better insight of the place that is Wisconsin.

Following is a list of some of the best 5 often ignored places in the state that a true traveler never wants to miss, so pack your bags and come with us to a tour.

  1. 1 The Bookworm Garden

    One of the major attractions in the state of Wisconsin, The Bookworm Gardens was established around the time of 1999. The garden is based on the idea that the founder, Sandy Livermore had “What if the children book literature came to life?”. Since then the park has been based in making her dream come true.

    The tours of the garden start around the first week of may completing over 150 fields tours with groups ranging from 10 people to about 200 in one go. The mission of the gardens is to enrich the mind, body, and spirit of the young and young at heart through exploration in a garden environment based on children's literature.
    But that does not mean that the garden is totally devoid of the adult attention. Self-guided exploration for formal groups of about 15 are supposed to reserve a tour with a suggested donation amount of $5/person.

    Guided tours include an expert and are generally been of the span of 1 hour and 15 minutes in length. The charges for a guided experience is about $7.50 per entry. 

    Payment is done during the time of the reservation.

  2. 2 Cave Point County Park

    Though often missed by the overseas tourists, this is one place that defines the beauty in nature in the best way possible. Though not a national or state park, this is one place that offers spectacular views. It is a must visit site offering the view of wave-worn limestone cliffs. These wonderful tall cliffs are not just beautiful but also tells a great deal about the erosion the water causes.

    Another attraction of the place are the underground caves, those amazing pathways made by the erosion caused by the water forms a natural crumbling facade of nature on the Lake Michigan, playing out a classic tragedy.

    This is the ideal place for the peace lovers and nature admirers. It is the ideal place for a picnic and has picnic tables, cooking grills, fire rings and new restrooms. The road leading to the park is blacktopped and gravels are spread on the paths for easy walking.

  3. 3 Wildwood Wildlife Park

    The second largest zoo in the state, Wilwood Wildlife Park is a popular attraction during the time range fo May to October. A proper family getaway it adds an educational bend to the trip.

    A visitor can see about everything from hyenas to bobcats and camels and leopards, the park has over a 1000 species on display. Some of the special features of the park is the interactive badger and giraffe experiences and educationl events to add a learning experience for the kids from across the globe.

    The prices of tickets for the adults are $16.99+ tax and for the children(2-12) is about $11.99+tax

    The timings vary month wise
    From May 3rd- May25th : 9am-4.30pm Daily
    From May 28th- Labor Day : 9am-5.30pm Daily
    From September 6th - October 16 : 9am - 4.30 pm Daily
    From October 17 - Closed for the session

    For further information one can visit the site

  4. 4 Taliesin East: Frank Lloyd Wright's Perfect Country Home

    One of the most talented and influential individuals to home in Wisconson was Frank Lloyd Wright. The town is oozing with the great architect's designs the most famous of which was Monona Terrace Community and convention Center located at the Madison's lakeshore and Milwaukee's Greek Orthodox Church

    Established around the time of 1911, the house was always claimed to be under construction till 1959, uptill his death. The house itself stands the proof of his greatness and the intellect of mind.

    Guided tours of the home, including the theater,studio, gallery, and school.

    The official site of the place is

    Do visit the site before you visit the place

  5. 5 Great Outdoors In Door County

    Located about 46 miles northeast of the Green Bay, this is a 70-mile-long county overlooking the Lake Michigan. The area based on a peninsula on the shore is the best slice that Wisconsin has to offer.

    The place offers one with the proper country side experience. Though not the most visited place, it still has some tourism. The activities available in the village site is trout fishing, sailing, diving and swimming and obviously hiking and biking.

    Some noteworthy small towns in the vicinity include the picturesque Strugeon Bay, a town with an ancient light house and similar buildings sprinkled across the village giving a peek into the past. Another famous one includes Ephraim, similar to the one above gives the visitors a tour into the past. Washington Island is another unequivocal choice and is the home to one of the county's oldest Icelandic settlement.

    So, people, the place is worth a trip at the earliest!!

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