What to do and What not to do in Himalayas

Planning an expedition soon? Here is everything you need to know about the working of Himalayas.

Whilst the planning of a trip to high altitudes there are some important things that often skip our mind thanks to the excitement of the other stuff to be planned. This not only leads to one of the most health risking thing of the trip but is also responsible for cancelling out the other plans in lieu with the bad health you thence incur. So what can be done to protect one from the obvious things we ignore?

Following is a list of things we often ignore while going to Himalayas that can prove dangerous, so get out your notepad and start taking notes

  1. 1 Keep an open mind

    The Himalayan ranger being one of the tallest in the world holds a lot more than just the mount Everest. Though the tallest mountain holds its charm one should not completely disregard the beauty of the other peaks in this ethereal mountain chain. One should keep an open mind while planning for the trip and keep out enough time to visit the charming lands of the gods.

  2. 2 Drink water

    While visiting the high altitudes where the level of oxygen in the air is lower than what the body needs to survive, one should keep drinking water in short intervals of time. This water (preferably warm water) fulfills the need for the residue of the oxygen in the body preventing drop in the oxygen levels. This is highly important while walking and trekking as the brain and heart require a proper amount of oxygen to function properly and avoid making fatal decisions.

  3. 3 Maintain a steady pace

    While trekking with a group or with a guide it is advisable for the visitors to maintain a steady pace. Keeping in mind the climate of the area, fast walking is not advisable as it causes the body to exert  too much, using too much oxygen avoiding proper functioning of the brain and heart. Also slow walks are discouraged as that would lead you to astray from the group leading to possibilities of getting lost.

  4. 4 Avoid jerky movements

    One of the most important thing to understand is the climate of the area. It is highly important to maintain slow movements and avoid jerking the body too much. This involves fist fights, running or even getting up too fast. With the kind of brittle environment the chances of snapping up a ligament or tendon becomes tenfold than the normal environment.

  5. 5 Avoid body from getting overheated.

    Another thing to take care of while trekking in the Himalayas is to avoid the body to overheat. Hyperthermia can be as dangerous as hypothermia. To avoid this, one should take care to remove the extra clothing (jackets, mufflers etc.) if the body starts to sweat too much. One should however take care to wear a muffler or hat at all times to avoid direct wind to the head.

  6. 6 Maintain cleanliness at camp site and the trek area

    One of the most important things to take care while in Himalayas is to protect the natural beauty. To keep the trekking sites and the ground in general clean is the duty of every visitor. It is a legacy that we have to pass on to our children, let them have it clean.

    So traveller pack your bags and tighten up your shoes for the trek of Himalayas without worries.

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