Wallet Friendly stay at Savannah

Every year millions of tourists are drawn to historic and vibrant downtown of the bewitching city of Savannah. Because of the concentration of the majority of attractions are within the Historic district, the majority of lodges and accommodations lie within the radius of a few miles within.

Savannah is known for its stately antebellum mansions, the renovated cotton warehouses, and a myriad of other historic buildings stretching from the river’s shore right into the heart of Victorian neighborhoods in the vicinity of Forsyth Park.

Some of these lodges are arranged keeping in touch with the past, offering no television sets or telephone services, while the others offer the kind of amenities the tourist have grown accustomed to, including flat screen TVs, free WiFi and upscale bath products and facilities. The hotels in the city are also famous for old-fashioned high ceilings, ornate carved woodwork, claw-foot tubs, and other quaint touches in the architecture.

Though the region is famous for its hotels, everyone has a different taste in staying preferences.
So here is a list of the best hotels Savannah has to offer that isn’t too heavy on the pocket.


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