Visit paid in cents: 10 Destinations Of Houston As A Budget Traveller

Travelling to Houston and plan on saving money? Read along to find all the destinations to that credit in all kind of interests.

Visiting a new place tends to be expensive if one doesn’t know the whereabouts and the in outs. But the real travel to a place can be enjoyed in the things that can’t be bought by money. Fortunately, for locals and visitors alike, several of Houston’s most memorable attractions won’t break the bank and yet prove to be an exhilarating experience for the spectators.

So travelling as a budget traveller to Houston just got simplified. Read along to find out everything you need to find about these wallet friendly destinations in all the interest areas of the travellers.

  1. 1 Open Space Interests

    1.  Miller Outdoor Theatre

    Claimed to be one of the best reasons to live in Houston, Miller Outdoor Theatre is Houston's premier outdoor theatre for performing arts.

    This place offers some of the most diverse professional entertainment acts including classical music, jazz, ethnic music and dance, ballet, Shakespeare, musical theater, classic films and much more.


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    All performances are not charged and are ticketed free of cost, providing the audience to enjoy art without distinction. One can collect the tickets from the Miller Theatre Box Office on first-come first-serve basis between 10:30 am and 1:00 pm keeping a limit of four tickets per person. There is also an availability for people to carry their own food and beverages to the performance.

    The details are given below
    Address: 6000 Hermann Park Drive, Houston, TX 77030
    Museum District
    Phone Number: (832) 487-7102

    2. Market Square Park

    Sitting on the site of the original City Hall, Market Square Park is nestled in Houston's Historic District, providing an unequivocal place for entertainment dining, public art and of course the green space. The goal is to an increased sense of community among the people of downtown business and the ever growing population in the area. The center is a large lawn dominating the park bordered by Congress, Travis, Preston, and Milam streets.


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    The biggest highlight of the park is its effort to conserve and exhibit colloquial public art. Several local and national artists including Richard Turner, Paul Hester, James Surls, Malou Flato and Ketria Scott worked along side Houston Arts Alliance in order to update and remove the old pieces to make space to new ones. One of the most stately figures in the park is Surls sculpture titled “Points of View” with its soaring black metal and yellow spires providing a modern contrast to the park's stately old oaks.

    The contact details are given below
    Address: 301 Milam Houston, TX 77002

    3. Discovery Green Park

    A 12-acre park located in the downtown Houston, Discovery Green Park is designed as an engaging and active place with programming to serve all ages and backgrounds, as well as workers, residents, and visitors alike.


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    The park is filled with tree-shaded walks lead to a tranquil pond while grassy slopes offer postcard views of downtown. This is an ideal place to try out the new jogging trails surrounding the park. There is a special availability of for special dog fountains and runs are appropriately sized for the diverse range of breeds.

    There is also an availability of dining at the park within the park. The two restaurants include The Grove and The Lake house. The menu of the both the restaurants comprise of award-winning Chef Robert del Grande's creations.

    The details are mentioned below
    Address: 1500 Mckinney Street Houston, TX 77010
    Phone number: (713) 400-7336

    4. Art Car Museum

    A private institution dedicated to contemporary art with a special regard to art cars and other fine arts by artists who are rarely acknowledged by other cultural institutes.


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    Known as the 'Garage Mahal', Art Car Museum features the most imaginative, elaborate, and artfully constructed art cars, low riders, and mobile contraptions, as well as art exhibitions by local, regional, and national artists.

    The showroom celebrates the spirit of the car culture in the post modern age containing the works of individuals who have remolded the factory model sameness of their cars to the specifications of their imagination.

    The details are mentioned below
    Address: 140 Heights BLVD. Houston, TX 77007
    Memorial Park Washington Corridor
    Phone number: 713-861-5526

    5. Water Wall

    The most photographed site in Houston, The Water Wall is a dramatic 64 foot U shaped fountain has water rushing down its inside and outside walls.


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    Created and designed by the internationally acclaimed architectural team of  Philip Johnson and John Burgee in 1985, the Water Wall pumps 78,500 gallons of recycled water every three hours and 20 minutes. This is one of the most romantic places for couples in the vicinity.

    The details are mentioned below
    Address: 2800 Post Oak BLVD Houston, TX 77056

    6. Glenwood Cemetery

    Spread over a space of 84 acres along the Washington Corridor, the cemetery serves as the place where the cream of the vicinity lies to rest. Some of the most celebrated ones include more than 20 mayors, past governors, oil tycoons and Howard Hughes—the famous aviator, engineer, and movie director.


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    The landscape is designed by the European artist Alfred Whitaker, giving it an iconic and unique look, in the time of 1871. Today Glenwood attracts the curiosity of people from all around the world for its architectural brilliance.

    The opening time every day starts at 7 a.m and stretches up to 5 pm in winters and 6.30 in summer.

    The details about the place are mentioned below
    Address: 2525 Washington Avenue Houston, TX 77007
    Phone number: (713) 864-7886

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