The Travel to the North of Nevada : The Rubies Route

The ultimate guide of everything one needs to know about the north of Nevada at one glance

The arid  terrain of Nevada, doesn’t bring the image of large open fields carpeted by lush green gardens to mind. But as they say the nature is unpredictable, the northeastern region of  the state has lush green fields full of wildflowers backed by snow-capped mountains.

The region of the Lamoille Canyon and the Ruby Mountains in the region still to a high extent is still virgin and untouched. This beautiful area is a natural delight blessed with exquisite sights and breathtaking Alpine lakes. One of the best feature of the vicinity is the lack of crowd, making it a perfect place for a solo trip. One can have the entire tracks for their own and can easily enjoy the company of the nature in solitude undisturbed by the atrocities of the world.

The rustic face of nature put forward by the area is one that can spellbound any nature lover who is lucky enough to witness the place.

For the search of solitude and peace or the one craving adventure to get rid of the monotony, this is one place that offers options for both kinds of tourists. The Rubies Route offers trekking, hiking and  along with decent accomodation options in lieu of the town of Elko being just a  30-minute drive from the start of Lamoille Canyon and about 50 minutes away from the trailheads that lead to the Ruby Mountains.


The route is located in the Elko county of the state. There are two ways of arriving at the destinations. First is road route, a road trip to the county and visiting the entire region on wheels.

For the information of the road routes one can visit the site here.

The second option one can avail is to take a flight to the small airport built in Elko. There is an availability of flight a day with Delta Airlines, which connect in Salt Lake City. For booking of the tickets click here.


Being just 30 minutes drive away from the Lamoille Canyon, Elko is the first choice for the accommodation proposition. Serving as the base camp for the exploration of the surrounding area, Elko is home to many beautiful accomodation aspects including 4 star hotels such as Rodeway Inn, Best Western Elko Inn, Esquire Inn, Hilton Garden Inn and many more. For booking click here.

Another attraction in the vicinity of Elko is the town of Wells whose beer is supposed to be the best in the county. The name of the brewery is Ruby Mountain Brewing Company.

Also the presence of a natural hot springs makes the case of staying at Elko better. This 12 mile Hot spring is something worth taking out a few hours for.

Another area available for accomodation is at the Thomas Canyon – a gorgeous campground located at the inside of Lamoille Canyon, located close to the Ruby Mountain hiking trails.


Food acquires a big place in a trip and Nevada has just the best ones to offer to make your experience amazing.

Pine Lodge

Located at Main Street, Lamoille, NV, this is one place that mixes the beauty of nature with that of the beauty of good foor. Offering full dinners, smaller meals and appetizers, this is one place that offers uncomparable service.

For further information once can contact them on the number 775-753-6363
For bookings click here.

The Star Hotel

Located at  246 Silver St Elko, Nevada the Star Hotel is a Basque, family style restaurant and lounge, serving excellent European style food surrounded by an ancient atmosphere. Specialties of the Star Hotel include steaks, and lamb dishes.

The contact numbers of the restaurant is  (775) 738-9925 and (775) 753-8696

The website of the hotel is

Aspenís Bar & Grill

Located at 2065 Idaho St, Elko, NV 89801, This is one of the restaurants offering amazing food with amazing service. The cuisines involve American, Steakhouse and Seafood with the availability of a bar.

The contact number of the restaurant is +1 775-753-0562.

The website for further information is

Good Blends

Located at 786 W Main St, Elko, NV 89801-2907, this is the one restaurants for the fitness freaks among us. Offering green smoothies, fruit smoothies and organic coffee, this is definitely one option to try

The contact number of the restaurant is +1 775-778-0359

Book Here

Fresh Fare Bistro

Located at 780 W. Silver Street, Suite 106, Elko, NV 89801, this is another healthy option serving mouth watering food.

The contact number is +1 775-753-7605
Book Here


The area of the county is bustling with activities. Following are the few you can try out while you visit.

Hike in Ruby Track

This is one of the best ways to explore the territory. The gear required also isn’t too hard to find. One can simply leave and witness nature the natural way, walking. Though one should check with the locals to learn the snow fall and the snow pack for the year you are visiting. The snow makes certain tracks unreachable, therefore it is better to confirm.

Drive-date in Lamoille Canyon

The view in the region is uncomparable to any other present in the nature. So a simple drive along the path, gives a person a chance to appreciate the nature. This is a treat for the photographers along this 12 mile scenic byway

Relax in the Hot Spring

A soak in the 12 mile Hot Spring, is led to by a 4 mile round trek. It is a 102F natural hot pool, located on an average distance of 12 miles from the town of Wells in the northern direction.


The most peaceful activity presenting us with the time to reflect on ourselves is the activity of fishing. One can carry a pole from home or can simply rent one after reaching the place and sit down for hours enjoying the company of nature in perfect solitude.

A Tour to the Ruby Mountain Brewing Company.

Located at H.C. 60 Box 100, Wells, NV 89835, United States in the working ranch of Wells in Nevada this microbrewery was established in 1994. One can book a trip before the visit and enjoy Nevada’s Best Beer

The contact number is +1 775-752-2337

The official website is


A trip anyway can be a disaster if the right travelling apparel is not carried. A Trip to Nevada demands for

1. Hiking Boots
2. Swimming costume
3. Water bottle
4. Sunblock( Not less than 45 SPF)
5. Camera Gear

So what are you waiting for now travelusters? Plan a trip to Nevada now!!

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