The stroll to Alps

How does one choose if all the options given to him were marvellous? A same kind of bewilderment is experienced by the travellers of the great Alps.

The hikers of the Alps often come across one question while travelling to the mountain range- Where to start? The place which offers some of the best sites of the world, it is indeed a difficult choice to choose where to begin. But here is the help you need, so pack your bags and prepare for the journey of your life.

Following are the top five walks in the natural wonder.

  1. 1 Matterhorn circuit

    One of the most renowned ranges in the entire world, the Matterhorn circuit is one of the most beautiful walks both in the terms of physical and historical beauty. The Matterhorn, an aesthetic topographical natural sculpture lies snuggled between Switzerland and Italy is definitely the most mythical summit in the Alps.

     A geological model of globalization, the history of the trek is almost as complicated as its structure. A small piece of Africa amalgamated with another piece stranded in the continent of Europe, this is one of the the most beautiful sight in the world. The place oozing with natural diversity is house to a number of variety of flora and fauna. The nature lovers out of us are the ones who will enjoy the trek the most. 

  2. 2 Pyrenees

    Taking technicality into the considerations, the Pyrenees is not a part of the Alps. But the ranges are too beautiful to exclude from the list of beautiful mountain walks. This is another one of the ranges important both naturally and historically. The name Pyrenees, according to the Greek mythology, is derived from the princess Pyrene, the lover of Hercules. During the stay of Hercules' stay at the king  Bebryx, a king in Mediterranean, being the drunk and lustful person he was, he rapes the host's daughter. After his return back, Pyrene gave birth to a serpent, left the castle and ran away leaving it all behind. In lieu of telling her story to the trees, she shouted attracting the attention of the wild beasts who in turn torn her into pieces.

    After winning the war over Geryon, while passing through the Bebryx kingdom, he was overcome by grief after learning the fate of the poor princess. He realised his mistake and requested the surroundings to join him in the mourning of the princess and hence the nomenclature of the hills. 

    The natural beauty of the area is the only thing that can compete with the historical beauty. One of the most iconic spots in the vicinity is the Cirque de Gavarnie. Known as the "the Colosseum of nature" this is the geological wonder with its  enormous size and horseshoe shape flocks the attraction of the tourists from overseas.  

  3. 3 The Haute Route

    This rough trek stranded between Chamonix (Mont Blanc) and Zermatt (Matterhorn), was originally cut out for the mountaineers but can be enjoyed by the fit of the walkers. This classic route plays a museum, a museum to the beautiful peaks and marvellous views. Some of the most famous ones out of the lot include Dent Blanche, Zinalrothorn and Weisshorn.

    The beautiful trek is shown around to the visitors  by the experienced guides. This trek can be enjoyed by people even by the people having a paucity of time.

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