The romantic getaway: A weekend in Montreal

One of the most love drenched place that Nothern America has to offer, Montreal, is an unequivocal option while choosing a weekend getaway. Complete with romantic dinners, historic attractions, shopping and show this is the perfect place to visit with your significant other.

In the vicinity lies the majestic Notre-Dame Basilica in the region of Old Montreal, giving the city a beautiful historical touch to enhance the beauty manifolds. Other attractions include sample chocolate at Atwater Market and an array of modern art galleries and boutique shops lying close to the Griffintown.

Clearly, the second largest city in Canada is a city where two worlds meet, the confluence of the present and the past in front of one’s eyes is indeed a sight to see.
Planning a trip can be a task that requires a lot of planning, but we are here for your aid.
Read on to find everything that needs to be known about Montreal.


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