The Preserved Seattle : 7 Best Museums In The City

A dive into the culture of Seattle via its museums. Read on to find all the details about them.

The best way to witness a place’s mindset and history is to visit the museums. Given this, the museums in Seattle hold a wide variety of areas for the people to choose from including museums dedicated to Art, Music, Aviation techniques and an availability of a children’s museum.

Though it is an often occurrence that while planning a trip to a city we have never been, museums are not on the priority list. But this is exactly where we go wrong. Sure the museums can’t offer us as much beauty as nature, but a deeper insight in the human civilization and technological advancement cannot be offered at any other place.

Just read along to find about some of the most famous museums in Seattle, and maybe you will find that it is not as boring as you had thought.


Originally posted 2017-08-23 12:42:58.


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