The Plan For Future: 10 Best Countries To Grow Old In

Ever wondered where you'd want to receive your pension? Don't worry, we are here to help you find just the perfect one to help you choose.

Getting old is one of the most natural things that occur with time. And with age, we tend to bend towards a certain type of life which is different from what we wanted in our youth. But choosing between countries to settle down has always been hard.

By the census done by HelpAge International,  an international non-governmental organization that helps older people claim their rights, challenge discrimination, and overcome poverty. They developed a Global AgeWatch Index, which compares the quality of life of older citizens in different countries all over the world. Based on this they have ranked the countries around the world. So, read along to find the 10 best countries to grow old in.


Originally posted 2017-09-04 11:28:08.


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