The Blend Of Leisure And Adventure – Mcleod Ganj

Pull up your socks, boost up your soul and cheer yourself up for a relaxing journey full of thrills and excitement, under the blanket of clouds and stars.

Mcleod Ganj is the place  which has the vibes of friendships getting stronger, relationships get healthier and has an insight of tremendous journey as a whole. This place is religiously as well as adventurously beautiful. 

1. Tsuglagkhang Complex (2 kms away from the city)


Tsuglagkhang is a place where holiness resides, DALAI LAMA. This place has many devotees, and followers of Buddha that preach together in the monastery. This place has been one of the biggest monastery sustaining Tibetian culture. 

Not only the monastery, it has museum inside the complex itself. This museum has beautiful impressions of Tibetian art and civilization by Tibetian architecture,the stupas, the Buddha structue . It is open throughout the day for tourists except for the residence of holiness. If fortunate, you can meet him at the place. 

Immense beauty of the place is beacuse of it’s optimistic vibes and calmness in the environment. 

2. Bhagsunag Temple And Bhagsu Falls (3 kms from the city)


This place  has the aura of immense composure and calmness. Surroundings are so silent and luscious greenery abodes there. 

The falling water  from waterfalls sounds  like music to the ears. There is a pool besides this religious ambience around the temple which is believed to have holy water. This place is one of most visited spot near the city. Lord Shiva is worshipped there. 

Bhagsu falls on the other hand are magnificently eye catching. The place is so refreshing and so full of inspirit, that on should not miss the chance to have the best feeling .The  cafe around the  place is  just icing on the cake to soak up the nature’ love ou there.

3. Naam Art Gallery (In the city itself)


The art is not defined by the eye of the person who sees it, it is  defined by the expertise hands who have created the masterpiece. 

There  is  captivating art gallery at Mcleod Ganj where you can have a look to  see the breathtaking masterpiece, especially for those who are in love  with art. There are the paintings available for sale also. If you find  the good one, you can even take it along to decorate your house with  such a beauty. 

4. Bir Biling (42 kms away from the city)


Bir billing is a paradise for the stress buster journey. It’s like a  promised land where you will feel wrapped in the nature. The clouds, greenery, freshness in the air,the company of the mountains and  silence of the darkness.

From the the tip to toe, it is a complete  package to experience adventure, hiking, paragliding in the mountains. With your friends or family, you can visit this place to better your equations, to enhance the quality time and even to find the solace in nature. 

There are two ways  to go to biling from bir. If you just want  to experience the camping, bonfire and stars close to you, you can opt  for road way especially when you are visiting with your family and you  have kid in home. 

If you are going with your friends and you just want to experience  trekking with your friends which is neither too long to be tiring for  anybody nor too short to give you feel, you can opt for the trekking way  which starts at bir base camp. From there you start your trekking with  the backpacks on. You must take the energy drinks with you so as to keep yourself hydrated. 

As you will step into your trekking journey, you  will find numerous stones, marbles and very interesting steps that will  make your way to climb up the mountains. The view in between will flatter you with its eternal beauty. 

You’ll reach to the camp site  in 2 to 3 hrs. The view there is eye pleasing and heart whelming withe the bonfire at the  top of the hill.From  there, you will see numerous tents which are  available for the tourists to stopover. There are beautiful,promised  tents which you’ll find hard to leave ever once you go there. With the  hygenic washrooms, availability of the electricity for sometime makes it  more vulnerable place to visit. Apart from the luscious nature, Biling has added ornamentation to your trip by Paragliding. 

Biling is World’s  second highest paragliding spot . Paragliding gives you wings to fly in  the sky where you soul gets motivation to another level. The freshness  of the air get inculcated in every cell of your body. 

So, do visit this  place  which is filled with bunch of excitement and full of zeal.

Gather few people, make a plan , do you backpacks and visit this place soon. 

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