New Zealand – The new experience this summer

Blessed with picturesque topography and the availability of technology, New Zealand poses a unequivocal option for a summer vacation.

A nirvana for every generation, New Zealand is a plethora of natural diversity packed into a very small area. Snow-crowned peaks, sparkling bays, coastal glaciers, rainforests, fjords, and  beguiling rivers and the list continues making it a travellers paradise.

The city famous for its driving trips, is also quite in sight for the availability of adrenaline-fueling sports. White water rafting, jet boating, luging, heli-skiing, skydiving, and mountain biking are the ones most in demand. This city is also famous housing the world’s highest bungee jumping site.

For the traveller from over the seas, this city has a wide variety of lodging preferences ranging from quaint bed and breakfast inns and eco-lodges to some of the world’s most luxurious hotels.

Following is the list of 5 most beautiful spots that flock the attention of tourists.

  1. 1 Fiordland National Park

    Being the largest of the 14 parks in New Zealand, Fiordland National park occupies a remote corner of the South Island. This park is the home of virgin lands, untouched by man, large areas of untamed rainforests and small desolate bays with the provision of contentment in the environment. In lieu of its bewitching sights and the beautiful landscape it was given  World Heritage Status in 1986 by UNESCO. This natural wonder is not only the most famous park in New-Zealand but is also home of a diverse range of endangered species of flora and fauna. This lands the sight in the lap of a number of conservation plans and acts by the government and non government organisations. One of the most famous aspect of the park includes the Milford sound. The place, though already full of awe-striking sight and wondrous cliff, houses this famous stretch pf land with is the pinpoint of the entirety of the landscape in one sight. the jagged cliffs rising out the water carpeted with thick lush green cover towards the water's side. 

    Another famous site in the garden is the Lake Te Anau. The mighty lake enveloped by forests and the snow-crowned peaks of Mount Luxmore and Mount Murchison in the background posing a very picturesque environment. 

    Another lake in its vicinity is the Lake Manapouri. This lake is the best slice nature has to offer with its clear water and boating, kayaking, fishing, and day-hiking opportunities to explore.


  2. 2 Bay of Islands

    The Bay of Islands is a New Zealand envelopes 144 islands lying in the horizon of Cape Brett and the Purerua Peninsula. It’s preeminent for its undeveloped beaches,lush green cover and a variety of fishing games. It also homes the great opportunities for scuba diving and swimming with the dolphins

    The place is also full of rocky bays which are almost inaccessible to man, a tour of the Hole in the rock and the other bays also occupies one of the major tourist attraction in the vicinity.

    Another thing which flocks the tourist attention is the concept of sandboarding. In this sport the child (under 14) is handed a surfboard which can be used for skating down the vast stretches of sand

  3. 3 Queenstown

    Nestled among the shores of sparkling Lake Wakatipu, this quaint little city is New Zealand's adventure capital and also one of the most famous sites for overseas traveller. The city also has to offer a great and pious view and on the other hand has a plethora of other adrenaline fuelling activities like Bungee jumping, jet boating, white-water rafting, paragliding, rock climbing, mountain biking, and downhill skiing and is hence famous for the tourism it draws from a lot many countries

    For its overseas travellers this city has a wide range of lodging options and offers all the creature comforts with first-class hotels, spas, restaurants, galleries, and shops all available a small drive away.

  4. 4 Fox and Franz Josef Glaciers

    Located at the south island of the country, this glaciers is one of the most accessible glaciers of the world. This is one of the most beautiful sights of the country where the ice rivers run down from some of the tallest peaks and give an illusion of flowing down. This is the place for the peace loving kind as this area offers a complete view of the contentment the nature has to offer. It is a home to ice caves and pinnacles which are introduced to the visitors by the guides present to help the people enjoy the natural wonder.

    Another way if enjoying this bewitching sight is the aerial view for which seaplanes and helicopters are available to the visitors at very reasonable price.

  5. 5 Abel Tasman National Park

    Also known as The Great Walk of New Zealand, this national park is located on the southern island of the city. Lying along shimmering Tasman Bay, between Marahau and Separation Point, this scenic 51-kilometer hike holds as one of the sunniest regions of the South Island.

    Being a national park this area holds a vast diversity of wild and sea animals. A simple stroll around might bring you across spot fur seals, dolphins, penguins, and a diverse range of birds.

    This area is also famous for it's various rock formations and is claimed to be a photographer's paradise. One of the most famous one is  Split Apple Rock, a giant granite boulder that seems as if  sliced in two.

    The hike usually lasts for around three days, and lodging options range from campgrounds, to rustic huts, and plush private lodges. Sea kayaks also hold a great way to explore the beautiful waters and brings man close to the otherwise inaccessible landscape.

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