Let NASA worry about space – How to pack smartly when you travel

Do your suitcases betray you often? Here is your chance to outsmart them.

One bag and so many clothes, where is equality? Going on a vacation and not being able to take all you want spoils all of the fun. So is there no way out of this mess? Don’t worry fellow traveler, we are here for your help. 

So if you are a wanderlust and not being able to fit your wardrobe in your bag, following are 8 ways to save space in your bag.

  1. 1 Roll instead of Folding

    Yes, we have been doing it wrong our entire life. Folding our clothes like we keep it in your drawers doesn't work out with the suitcases. Instead of folding them rectangular causes a lot of space to waste away. If instead the clothes are rolled up and fitted in the suitcase, at least 20% space is increased for fitting more stuff. 

    What to do with the clothes that wrinkle easily? There is a simple trick to keep that from happening. Put them inside a dry cleaning bag and settle them at the bottom of the bag without folding. Feeling better about packing?

  2. 2 Use shower caps for fitting shoes

    One of the best way to save space and keeping your packing neat is to pack the shoes in a shower cap. Not only will this save space but will also work for keeping the clothes unsoiled by the shoes. But how can we put something we kept our shoes in on our heads? Simple folks, just fold it inside out. This way the soles won't reach your hair. Start packing? 

  3. 3 Stuff your socks in your shoes

    Another brilliant idea to save space is to roll up the socks inside of the shoes already packed. In this way, the extra space occupied by the rolled up socks (trust me it can be a lot) is saved. Moreover the space inside of the shoes is put to good use. If you have a complaint of smell that occurs in the shoes or sock, a good hack can be putting naphthalene balls along with the socks in the shoes.  

  4. 4 Pour makeup in contact cases

    Why carry the big bulky bottles of make up, when your can simply put a little of the product in the lens case. This is an excellent way to save space, as it compacts your make up box to tiny little lens covers, two of these and they can easily take care of a week's trip

  5. 5 Wear your bulkiest items

    While going to a winter destination, instead of packing the coats, jeans a boots prefer to wear them. This will not only make more space in the suitcase but also provide you the opportunity to take everything you want to take along. This provides space for other thing like shirts and light dresses. Also prefer to take only one bulky jacket for a trip ranging to a week, as jackets don't get dirty as often as shirts.

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